Should aboriginals be treated differently under the law: Do modern nations owe indigenous people a debt for breaking treaties?

  • Yes, aboriginals deserve recompensation.

    Aboriginals deserve the meager things that they get from the government because their way of life was dramatically altered at one time and their lands were taken from them, partially because the settlers came in and wrote up treaties in their own favor. Since they breached the treaties, the government should still make good on them.

  • Yes,you are right aboriginal women are people too.

    A treaty is an agreement between 2 or more nations for peace, equality, freedom, and self-living. Blacks were once treated as aboriginal women are at the time, but then the treaties came to take their place. Now if a treaty is broken, there is some sort of punishment to take place. Before, people use to treat Aboriginal women as if they weren't even humans. Once this treaty came along, everything has changed some in a positive way and some in a negative.

  • No, aboriginals are people too, so they should be treated equally. Yes, treaties should not be broken.

    If aboriginals are treated differently under law, they are being discriminated against, just like women or blacks once were. It would be unconstitutional for them to be judged by a different set of rules. Treaties are agreements that both parties make. If one party breaks the treaty, there must be some sort of punishment for doing so.

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