• Reluctantly, yes it should.

    Mostly because the pregnancy is being imposed on her against her will through no fault of her own. If a rape victim truly doesn't want to go through with it, I can't stop her.
    HOWEVER, attempts should also be made to convince her to reconsider, given that a human life is on the line.

  • Abortion should be allowed in all cases

    While it does seem unbelievably mean to saddle a woman to the reminder of her rapist for the rest of her life, abortion should be allowed always. Pregnancy is incredibly taxing on the body, particularly the bodies of young women and no one should be allowed to determine what happens to a woman's body except for the woman. In addition, to make a woman with no real capacity to look after a child (financially, emotionally etc) carry said child to term (and possibly raise it) because of YOUR sense of morality seems at least extremely arrogant (and that is being nice). Not everyone has to believe what you believe - get over it. Finally, if the woman cannot look after the child - as she expected, hence wanting an abortion, then that poor child will be entered into an extremely flawed foster system, where they may even face physical, sexual or emotional abuse. No, not all (or even most) children are adopted into happy loving homes, some are never adopted at all and their health outcomes are extremely poor. Even if they are lucky enough to be adopted into good, loving homes, they then have to deal with a whole range of psychological issues that are associated with adoption. My dad was adopted and he is nearly 50 and STILL struggles with abandonment issues, and he knew he was adopted from a very young age. All of this because people decided to enforce their own morality and beliefs onto other people - seems fair right?

  • Yes it should

    I think abortion should be available for women, in the case of rape I believe this option should definitely be available. A woman should have a say in what happens to her body, in the case of rape this is taken from her once, by not allowing her to choose this is being taken from her twice.

  • Unhappy mother unhappy baby.

    A raped mother that is hurt enough to want to abort her baby will have a hard time taking care of her baby through pregnancy. This time in the womb is very important and the mother knows best her ability to care for the baby. And if done soon enough the baby should not suffer.

  • A woman should always have the right to choose.

    There are no circumstances I can think of where a woman should not have the right to terminate a pregnancy. A pregnancy that is a result of rape should most definitely be able to aborted, if the mother wishes, without restrictions. Being forced to bear the child of a rapist would be cruel.

  • A woman should never be forced to bare the child of her rapist.

    Abortion should always be allowed in cases of rape. No woman should be forced to bare the offspring of her rapist. It is not fair to her or her family. She did not choose to have intercourse and had no responsibility in getting pregnant. It would be extremely cruel to not allow an abortion in that case.

  • How is this even a question?

    It is beyond cruel to not allow abortion in cases of rape. Abortion should be legal in all situations, but forcing a raped woman to carry around an ever-growing reminder of the trauma that happened to her is cruel and unusual punishment. While the fetus isn't guilty of the rape, the mother isn't either, and she should not be forced to bear that burden.

  • No it should not

    First let me say rape is a horrible crime and the rapist should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. That is they key, punish the rapist not the child. In fact abortion is often used to cover up rape thus allowing the rapist to escape. The women who have been raped need to be consoled.

  • Abortion is always wrong

    What we have to remember is that there are two completely innocent human beings involved. Even in such a horrible and unwanted circumstance, it is wrong to allow one to kill the other. It is wrong to kill a two-year-old baby who was conceived in rape and as such it is wrong to kill a two-month-old unborn baby who was conceived in rape. The objective value of a human being is not contingent upon its state of development nor is it upon the method by which it was conceived. Make no mistake. Telling a woman to carry an unborn child against her will and go into labor for that child against her will is extremely demanding. However, because another human being's life is on the line, this demand is justified. Just as the mother did not ask to be subject to the horrible situation, the unborn child did not either. Despite the mother being in an atrocious emotional state, it is wrong to allow an innocent human being's life to be a matter of "choice" when it does not have to be.

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