• Abortion should be banned

    Because a women brought you to this world! What if your mom had aborted you? Think about those can't have kids. If you didn't want a child in the beginning then you would have used protection. Nobody should be killed for no reason. Don't want a child, use protection! It's as simple as that.

  • A fetus is still a human being.

    Abortion should only be performed if it is for a serious reason, like a life or death situation, a rape from a stranger or family member, or for the baby's sake (you know it's going to die anyways) People should not get an abortion just because they don't want a baby, they have adoption agencies for that reason.

  • Its murder !

    Us people don't realize the damage we do to ourselves and mostly to the unborn child who never got a chance to speak for themselves. That is a child who would never get to see their parents and call them mommy or daddy, a child who never was loved and last thing that happened to that child was being torn apart by a stranger who was allowed to by their mother which is someone who is supposed to keep us from harm, danger, and instead of feeling loved from her the baby is being neglected, abandoned and tortured... The baby feels everything

  • Unborn children deserve to see the world.

    Babies start forming at conception, this means that the child has their right, the child’s right to life. This is against the child’s human rights. The child hasn’t done anything wrong, why should it be killed?
    The child hasn’t even lived yet or seen the light of day and you're killing it.
    Children are killed because they are not wanted, these children deserve to see the world as it is part of their rights.

  • I think that abortion should be completely banned.

    I think this because abortion is like murdering a child, even thought its not born yet it is still considered your child and a human being. By having an abortion you are taking the chance of life away from an innocent, helpless, and voiceless human being who could live a great life.

  • No matter what

    I don't care what no one says I really think abortions should be banned it's just not right ,they are kids of our God who brought those children's to this world and then you plan to kill them it's just not fair just give the baby to a close family member who can't have a child of their own or set up for an adoption but don't kill the babies 😭...

  • Abortion should be banned but with some flexibility

    Yes it is true, as we all knows that the baby is in the womb of a lady can't express his/her feeling about good or bad but, as a human being we know that without child world can't assume themselves. If every person wants to get rid off from his liabilities of take care of infant, our world get destroyed in coming some years. Everybody should be careful before making intercourse and should use preventive steps to avoid these such type of mistakes. If, there are doing it intentionally, they don't have any right for abortion of a baby growing in the womb of her mother.

  • This should not be a debate it's murder

    I think it is definitely murder.God makes everything in this world.This is a human life we are talking about what is wrong with people in this world. 1 day we will all be judged in front of our maker.Its just wrong that is my opinion.Im a father and i love my children...

  • Tho shalt not kill!!!

    Nobody has the right to take a life! Murder is illegal!! Tho shalt not kill!! It is written in the bible!!! And the Ten Commandments!!! If it is ok with the mother to killer her child in the womb, and she is not in prison, then why are the mothers that kill that child some time after birth, ARE in prison? Shouldn't they both be?

  • I strongly believe that abortion should be banned!!!

    Having an abortion is one of the biggest mistake that anyone can make. Especially mothers; how can you kill an innocent child that God has given you to love, cherish and treasure, the most beautiful and expensive gift that you could ever asked for is having a baby. They deserve to live and have a life to experience the things that we experience while growing up.

  • It should be banned

    I think that abortion should not be allowed because it’s stupid girls get pregnant because they don’t use protecting and end up getting pregnant. It should not be allowed because they got into that problem so just have to deal with it it’s not the poor baby's fault it’s the parents fault for not taking care of themselves.

  • Is it yours?

    I personally think if a woman finds herself incompetent of raising a child, whether mentally or physically or financially, I think it her right to abort the baby. I do not want a child to be raised by a woman who can't take care of it, and don't want any more people in poverty. And to people who say it's murder: When people get abortions it tends to be in the early stages, when the fetus (an unborn child) is still a group of developing cells. With that fact and the fact that it is not your baby, I think abortion should be legalized.

  • It's the woman's body not the government's!!!

    If the government really was in which you call pro life , why don't they help the ones who are already suffering?? They should but they don't. Every one in this country is financial struggling and the government can do things that are economically better but they don't do it. The majority of people's salaries goes to insurance for the lower class, struggle at their jobs, and struggle with expenses. And more expenses for the unwanted child and a woman didn't even plan on having another one?? Why make her go through the nine months and then give the child to a foster parent. Most foster caregivers are not really good and the child grows up with disappointment and pain because he's not with his real family. It's a hard fact to face!!! Why put that kind of pain on a child??? Why?? If you're pro life, consider the ones who are alive and suffering and make sure they don't die!! Hey our government is being influenced by religious views!! Wether you know it or not but if our government is being influenced religiously, then so much for equality, we'll never achieve it until the government is 100% secular and reaches every one's needs with out making religious excuses to not take action, including both the majority and the minority. It needs to be focused on the whole population. People should be free to make their choice wether or not to have an abortion, the world is overly populated as it is and there are impoverished countries that are in need of it as well because of the limited resources. America someday might become impoverished as well if we don't do things that are good for the economy. Please everyone make sure that we don't have too many children. Because overpopulation and scarce recourse is no picnic especially for countries in Africa and nations like Haiti, India, and many others!! This is a serious thing to think about!!! This could someday save our lives and the people who love in these countries as well!! So if you say that you're pro life, help the starving, unfortunate, Poor, impoverished, broken, injured, and the homeless. It's better for the financially struggling mom have her baby aborted than to have baby live a life in misery! Please think in secular terms after reading this, thanks.

  • Stop Shaming Women

    People are so quick to judge the woman about her horrible mistakes and that she should live with them. Everyone makes mistakes, and we should be, as a society, caring for a woman with a horrible choice (either way) and supporting her in her decision. She shouldn't be shamed by being forced to look at pictures of "fetuses that are alive", when most women have their abortion when it isn't even considered a fetus yet. Furthermore, it is a woman's right to choose what she does with her body. If we can make this argument for plastic surgery and anything else and woman (or a man) does with their body, the same can be said for abortion.

    Stop shaming women who have abortions. They have been through enough.

  • It's a right we should have as humans

    Let's say your a teenage girl. Your heading home from school one day and just having a average, typical normal day for a teenage girl. Deciding to take a long route home you walk through a park. It's about 4:30 pm and suddenly the day changes from good to bad. A strange man sits down beside you on a bench and he doesn't look friendly. He threatens to hurt you if you don't follow him. Scared and wary you follow him. He leads you to a public washroom and forces you to get undressed. He then proceeds to rape you. A few months later you get a test. It's positive and you haven't even finished high school yet. Your life is ruined. After being forced to have the child you don't know what to do. Your parents are very stressed and you can understand that. High school is a lot more difficult because you have to take care of this child and also finish schoolwork. And you feel like your life is a living hell.

    Now, let's say this girl had an abortion. It would fix a lot of her problems. She wouldn't have to use up money to take care of it and she would almost have a regular teenage life. She shouldn't have to be weighed down with this burden. It would help her improve her life to the point where she's READY to have a child.
    Besides if abortions were illegal think about how many orphans there would be.

  • Its a women's choice.

    You cant control a person on what to do with their own body. And its their right to do what they what to it. And what if they did get raped, some women might not be okay with a baby growing inside them; a constant reminder of what had happened to them. Or what if they can barely take care of themselves.

  • NO! Its up to the woman to chose.

    Abortion should not be illegalised when for years people were protesting for it to be legalised and now it is they don't want it to be! They should be able to chose what happens to their body and if they have a baby in them that they don't want to be there then they should be given the choice to get rid of it. At the point of an abortion, the baby is not even formed properly so you cant say that an innocent baby is being killed because it isn't even a proper baby its only a fetus! Therefore abortion should not be banned!

  • Its their choice

    All the people here say that they can just put it up for adoption, but what if the girl was raped? What if the girl will die from the operation? What if the child should have a disease that will make it suffer? The child in question is not unborn, it isn't even construed, by the time a woman finds out she's pregnant it isn't even alive yet, it is developing. So why is it your argument is all about how it's killing a baby? What of the adoption centers either? They are usually well kept, but not always, sometimes they're environments can be extremely harmful to them. Another thing is limiting the population, the populous is strictly getting way too high, so limits on population like this could support that! Lastly the woman's right to decide whether she wants a baby she didn't mean to have is their decision, not yours

  • Abortion should not be banned

    Just in case of rap or incest. If a person objects to having an abortion, then they should not have one. But no one else should be denied to the right to have one. Fetuses are not people with a full slate of rights like the mother has. So their should not be banned abortion

  • Absolutely not; keep abortion legal

    It is important to keep abortion legal. Women are not incubators and should never be forced to continue a pregnancy if they do not want to. Abortion is an important human right and banning it would be devastating for American women. If you don't trust us with a choice, why would you trust us with a child?

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