• Yes, I Suppose

    I'm generally neutral on this topic and when fetuses can feel pain is a debatable topic but just in case they can at 12 weeks, I'd say ban it. Although, ban it when it's CONFIRMED that they can feel pain at 12 weeks. I do not care whether or not people are against or for abortion but fetuses do feel pain at a certain time period.

  • Abortion is not good

    It is killing don't kill we need to protect life. These people who are being aborted should have a chance to live if you don't want the kid then you can put them up for adoption there is always another choice please don't kill killing is bad all lives are good.

  • No, banning it won't serve any purpose.

    I wish everyone would realize that fetuses are living things, but I don't think a hard ban like this will make anyone do that. I would like to see mandatory counseling for anyone considering an abortion at that stage of a pregnancy, as there are other alternatives. However, a simple ban will only to lead to illegal abortions.

  • I do not believe that would work.

    Abortion should not be banned at all. Roe vs Wade stats that abortion is legal. I am sick and tired of conservatives trying to alter the law. They need to leave the law alone. Women have the right to decide at any stage of the pregnancy if she wants to terminate it.

  • Abortion Should Be Legal In Any Case

    Abortion should not be banned at 12 weeks. That is way too early. Some women may not even have confirmation of pregnancy by then, and they may not have a viable option for terminating pregnancy so quickly. If we want to keep women safe, we need to keep abortion available and legal.

  • No, a woman has a right to her body.

    A woman's right to make decisions about her body does not end at 12 fetal weeks. Abortion is any woman's right, and she should be allowed to exercise that right. Banning abortions will only make women seek dangerous illegal alternatives and that would be very harmful to society and to women in general.

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