• Abortion is injustice against the weak

    Laws are meant to protect the weak from the power of the strong. Minnesota abortion law does just the opposite. Science tells us the unborn is a human being from conception, with unique DNA and blood type. This developing, living human being is helpless and needs protection. If the unborn are not safe, none of us is safe. It is time to defend and protect unborn human life in Minnesota.

  • You shouldn't be forced to risk your life for someone else's.

    I fully agree that a unborn child is a person before abortion. While I would never suggest or promote the use of Abortion. No one has the right to tell another human to risk their lives for others. The process of pregnancy and giving birth is risky and can kill the mother. You have a right not risk your own life.

  • It is a medical procedure.

    While it isn't a choice I would personally make, it is a medical procedure, it is my opinion that this decision belongs solely in the hands of the patient and the medical provider who has the medical skills necessary and full medical history of the patient (both mental, and physical) to help the patient make this decision.

    To TAKE away this OPTION and have it legislated by the government that a rape or incest victim who finds themselves pregnant and FORCE them to GIVE BIRTH to the person who assaulted them's child, is a further violation of their rights, and quite frankly, is too much for their traumatized bodies and minds to have to endure.

    Everyone needs to be mindful that there are ALWAYS going to be situations where victims rights need to be taken into account. Yes, there are options to prevent this from occurring, but in certain circumstances, where these victims are repeatedly violated by friends and/or family members? They often are left pregnant with no where to turn. Abortion is sometimes their only option.

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