• God forbids it!

    Thou Shalt not murder.

    God said in Book of Jeramiah that life begins at conception, not birth! We need to make abortion illegal. True, women will due unsafe abortions. THe great news is, since unsafe abortions endanger the mother's life, less people will do it. Babies need life! They are humans and not objects

  • A life is life regardless of conception

    1) The 14th amendment
    2) No person should have the power to take someone's life
    3) Regardless of rape, incest, or just a one night stand that does not make a baby a lesser human being.
    4) A baby's organs begin forming at 3 weeks and there is a heart beat at 8 weeks

    If you're "responsible" enough to have sex except the responsibility

  • Abortion Is Murder

    In today’s society, people have been made to think that abortion is not murder, but because the Catholic Church and some of the risks of getting an abortion, hopefully people will change their minds, even in the case of incest or rape. A baby is alive at the moment that the sperm and the egg meet, therefor you are killing a person in an abortion.


    Abortion is murder, and ladies, it's not your body, it's also ANOTHER CHILD'S body that you are dealing with, clearly you are all on drugs if you believe that abortion is "socially acceptable." So, scientists, which many democrats believe with, have said that a single cell is LIVING, so please, tell me, is a single cell living? If you agree with that, then you should know that as soon as an egg cell and sperm cell meet, they produce a secondary cell which would be LIFE. SO, would you murder a child? Probably not, so why are you murdering an INNOCENT LIVING UN-BORN CHILD.

  • Abortion is wrong

    Canada is now one of the few countries in the Western world that does not have any legal restrictions on abortions. In my opinion, I see abortion as an act of murder to the most defenseless, an unborn baby. Many people argue women are stripped from their rights if abortion were to be illegal because it is their body. However, the body suffering the most is not actually theirs; it is the baby that they are killing. Often time’s people say that they are not ready to take care of a child which is true in a lot of cases. There are millions of couples in the world that cannot have a baby but would love to. Adoption is the living and moral alternative to abortion. In Canada, abortions are publicly funded through taxpayers; whether they agree with abortion or not. If anything, abortion clinics should not be publicly funded. Canada needs, at the very least, some restrictions on abortion.

  • It is no better than murder

    Saying a woman has a right to decide what is going on in her body is like saying she can kill the baby when it is born. After all, the baby is in her house so using your logic, she should still be able to kill the baby. A fetus is living and a humans soul is put in the fertilized egg at the moment the sperm and egg meet. That means it is living and therefore it would be murder to abort it. However, if you are raped at ten(see argument on the side) then that is a different story and God would not care if you aborted it because it was one time and you didnt even choose to have sex at your own consent to make the baby.

  • Abortion should be illegal

    A girl should think 1000 times before having sex. I don't understand how decision of having abortion is easy for them. A girl is not the one who think about whether she should give life to baby or not but it's the God to decide a child's life and if god has gave a life to human being then he is the one to give him or her a happy future.

  • Abortion is muder

    If it grows, develops, adapts to it's environment, then it's alive. Yeah EEG waves are important, but the last time I checked, a heartbeat meant life. In the real world, when you encounter an unconscious person you don't say "check for EEG waves!" No, you check for a pulse. In the real world, a pulse is all you need to be determined alive. Why should we have this sort of debate about a fetus? It is the same species as us, and therefore should be treated as so, regardless of intellect or ability to live outside of he woman. Woman have the choice to use contraception, and the choice to have sex or not. If you WILLING chose to have sex, you should know that sex and procreation are forever linked, and that taking the easy way out just to go back to having sex again is not taking responsibility.

    If it's really just a clump of cells, then why is it such a big deal? Oh wait, right, it's not just a clump of cells, it's a human life. Deal with it.

    Posted by: cmv
  • Will decrease population

    Almost everyone talks about abortion being morally bad. However, I want to talk about a different matter. If people abort their children, then the population will decrease. Also, sometimes women abort girls to have boys, due to cultural stereotypes that boys are better than girls. In China, there are 914 girls for every 1,000 boys. Therefore, abortion should be illegal.

  • The baby is alive!

    To all you people out there, saying,"Is shedding off skin cells killing somebody?" No... No, it's not. They're your cells, so the only one being harmed is you, but you're not going to die from taking a shower. Then comes the "my body, my rules" people. No, the baby is not your body. It's living off of your body, but it has different DNA than you do.

  • Rape

    I was raped at the age of 10, it was my 17 year old babysitter, and he impregnated me, at that point I couldn't have a child, it would have destroyed my life, my reputation my everything.
    Abortion was my only option, and with this law it would restrict my fourth amendment, the pursuit of happiness.

  • Definitely not

    If someone wants an abortion that means they do not want the child. If they do not want the child they will be horrible parents and no child should go through that kind of treatment. I will say that abortion is NOT murder! I repeat it's NOT murder since the operation is performed BEFORE the fetus has developed into a human. If it's illegal than people would turn to a panic. They would start back alley abortions means they'll do anything to get rid of the fetus inside their bodies in extreme measure. Being raised poor and neglected usually leads to an increase in crime rate with that child. The kid will more than likely turn to drugs because raised in a broken household. We have ALL made mistakes before. If abortion is illegal that's a mistake you can NEVER fix! A baby is SERIOUS business that's what the anti abortion people don't realize. It takes the woman and mans life away because a baby is SERIOUS! They'll have to stop attending school or whatever their dream may be to get any type of job to support that kid. Parents who are not financially there like nearly all abortion patients will go on welfare and take even more money from YOUR pockets. Taxes will rise up and people who are doing the right thing suffer from others mistakes. Over population will occur which leads to massive unemployment and a collapsed nation. Teenage pregnancies happen and how will a kid raise a kid? They're only kids themselves and WILL regret it later on in life. What if the lady is raped. She doesn't want the child same as the other abortion patients what is the difference? Her love for her boyfriend or husband? What if they break up suddenly abortion is allowed? You have someone against abortion but yet they agree with it under certain circumstances? How does that make sense? And I say this again, abortion is NOT murder! If you go that far back than can I say my sperm is a human? You say the fetus is alive but yet so is my sperm. You can't have a child with dead sperm. Unless it's out of the stomach it's not considered a human. You have people preaching murder is wrong but yet the death penalty is around? Yet we have war? What if someone killed all your loved ones does he deserve to die? Yes he does. Are you going to bring up the bible than? Or is there an exception now? If there is than there's an exception for abortions as well.

  • Abortion is murder?

    Many make the claim that abortion is murder because it's killing living cells. If that's the case, then men commit genocide every time they masturbate, as they're killing several thousands of living sperm cells; women are committing murder every time they have their periods, as they're flushing a living egg. People commit murder when they exfoliate their face as they're killing millions of living skin cells. If you're going to make the argument that it's murder because you're killing living cells, then you're a murder by your own right.

  • My body my rights.

    It's my body and I have the rights to it. If we can't control our body, then that strips us of our rights. If its illegal, it's still going to happen. Do people do drug? Yes. Is it illegal? Yes. It's not murder unless its outside the body. It's my body my right. If we aren't ready for a baby why should we have to.

  • A woman's body, a woman's choice

    Even though I don't believe abortion is morally right, as far as I'm concerned until it leave's a woman's body, it's the woman's property that the state has no control over. Taking over a woman's body by saying that she is not allowed to do certain things with a life that she created and is still not self-sustaining is outrageous.

  • Respect bodily integrity

    Do the words "bodily integrity" mean anything to those who wish to outlaw abortion? Abortion is misidentified as a moral issue when it is really an individual issue. If you think abortion is immoral, then never have one. But if you try to impose your beliefs on other people, you are crossing the line.

  • Keep it legal "please"

    No one have the right to tell a women whether she should have a baby or not. These anti-abortionist JUST SAY BE REESPONIBLE. I'm a social worker in New York City and I see the horrors that happen when a mother has a child she doesn't want . I want the anti-abortionist to come to work with me one day. I'll bet after that, they'll change their minds real fast.

  • Murder, murder, murder!

    Killing an innocent unborn baby that could have had a life and could have done something w/ it's life, and your not giving it the choice to! Your obviously all on drugs if you think abortion is the right thing to do. If you think that, get some help. Please.

  • No because if you don't want a baby you should never have sex or you should just give the baby up for adoption

    Any body out there that is going to get an abortion shame on you because you going to kill a baby for no reason.. And when you kill that baby you are going to be sad because you could of had a baby and took care of it or put it up for adoption

  • It should not be illegal

    One of the most used arguments is something like 'well maybe the baby could've cured cancer' but look at it from another view. Maybe the girl has the knowledge to cure cancer, but she has to stop going to school because she is forced into taking care of a child she doesn't want.

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Shad0wXx says2017-09-20T23:55:05.513
It's ridiculous that it was "legalized" in the first place.
TheMarketLibertarian says2017-10-05T00:39:22.307
These lefties blab on about 'muh free choice,' yet they somehow rationalize banning guns, forcing people to pay for socialized healthcare, ad want to preserve social security, and oppose allowing people to opt out of it.
Barcafan99 says2017-10-09T15:30:44.657
Wow this site is very conservative.