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Posted by: MasturDbtor

Right over your own body, no exceptions.

  While I agree that abortions isn't something to do "for fun", it's still not immoral cause you don't "kill a baby", you just terminate a pregnancy before there even is a baby. If you don't wish to be pregnant, no matter how you got pregnant, then you should be able to get an abortion. You always, with no exceptions, have the full right over your own body, and only you have those rights, not "pro-life" people or a fertilised egg. A fertilised egg is not a life, it has no rights. Bottom line, abortion should never be illegal, no matter what.
MasturDbtor says2014-05-09T18:38:34.467
There are things that are illegal besides murder.
Speceus says2014-05-09T18:48:11.217
MasturDbtor I'm not sure where I said otherwise? And again, abortion is not murder. You can't kill an egg cause it never had a life. It only gain life after several weeks and by then it's no longer an option to have an abortion.
TN05 says2014-05-09T22:15:05.460
It is illegal to destroy a bald eagle egg. Why can a woman kill a human fetus, but not kill a bald eagle fetus?
drhead says2014-05-10T01:55:07.400
TN05, probably because there aren't enough bald eagles (i.E. They are at risk of becoming extinct) and no such risk of extinction exists in humanity's immediate future.
TN05 says2014-05-10T02:24:07.987
Bald eagles aren't on the endangered species list.

Do you value unborn eagles more than unborn humans? If so, do you value eagles more than humans?
drhead says2014-05-10T04:55:06.273
"Bald eagles aren't on the endangered species list."

Yes, but after their delisting, a law was passed which made restrictions on the killing and trading of bald eagles. This is probably due to how easy it would be to destabilize the bald eagle population.

"Do you value unborn eagles more than unborn humans?"

If the unborn human is unwanted by its biological parents, then yes. It is their decision, not mine, and I am indifferent to whatever choice they make. On the other hand, if the biological parents do want their child, then any action harming the unborn human would be depriving them of the child that they want, though this isn't the case when it comes to abortion. As for the eagle, it is presumed that it wants its offspring.
MasturDbtor says2014-05-10T23:02:10.823
You are getting pregnant just so you can have an abortion in the case of in vitro followed by an abortion.

For other cases I'm pro-choice but it's just vile to set out to get pregnant just for the sake of experiencing an abortion.

I do consider the fetus to be a life with rights. However, I consider the mother's right to her own body to outweigh that UNLESS she deliberately got herself pregnant.
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