Should abortion be illegal following in vitro fertilization

Asked by: MasturDbtor
  • Honestly, It should be.

    If you explicitly went out of your way to try have a child like that, You should take some level of responsibility for that child. You can't simple take a baby in like that and change your mind on a whim, That babies life is not yours to play with like that. There should be very rare exceptions, But overall it should be very hard to get an abortion after in vitro fertilization

  • Too much play on life.

    Abortion has always been done for the sake of very serious medical conditions of life or death of the mother or baby.
    Its great that we can offer pregnancy to couples who are eager but cannot have, yet too much personal opinion on "its my body, my choice" or "if its medical etc, therefore its right" should not be played around.
    Having an abortion does not take away that you purposely wanted to be pregnant in the first place.

  • Then why are you getting in vitro fertilization?

    If you deliberately get yourself pregnant and I don't mean risk pregnancy I mean deliberately get in vitro fertilization then you should not be allowed to have an abortion unless a medical reason comes up. You deliberately chose to get pregnant, so having an abortion would be getting pregnant just in order to have an abortion. (And yes there have been very rare cases of women who do that, there was a group on Yahoo about people who have abortions for the sake of fun).

  • Abortion is a medical procedure

    Which is medically necessary in some cases. If someone wishes to have a child via in vitro, and they decide to have an abortion, it is likely due to medical issues. Either the fetus is not developed properly, including being non-viable, or the life or health of the mother is at risk.
    Why would it be illegal just because of the circumstances in which the pregnancy occurred?

  • I don't think that pregnancy...

    Is an irreversible choice immediately; the baby isn't conscious yet. However, I think that mothers should also receive extensive, mandatory counseling on the effects of having a child before in vitro fertilization, as if they can't turn back on having made themselves pregnant, as in vitro fertilization is an involved procedure, and the other involved procedure of abortion just reverses it as if nothing had happened.

  • It does not make sense

    Abortion is definitely not an issue to be played around with, it cannot be said that a person is immoral or performing an illegal act by abortion. The concept of vitro fertilizing is to create a baby without being naturally fertilized. Why would something that "never existed" have rights? It simply does not make sense, what is potentially to be born does not have the right to obtain rights. If the opposite insist, does it mean that every single sperm has to be fertilized since every one of them has rights? It is simply ridiculous.

  • Right over your own body, no exceptions.

    While I agree that abortions isn't something to do "for fun", it's still not immoral cause you don't "kill a baby", you just terminate a pregnancy before there even is a baby. If you don't wish to be pregnant, no matter how you got pregnant, then you should be able to get an abortion. You always, with no exceptions, have the full right over your own body, and only you have those rights, not "pro-life" people or a fertilised egg. A fertilised egg is not a life, it has no rights.

    Bottom line, abortion should never be illegal, no matter what.

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