• Abortion is the ultimate child abuse.

    A child is a human, not a choice! Adoption is ALWAYS an option. An innocent human being shouldn't have to suffer the consequences of a one night stand, rape, incest, or you just don't want to tell your parents you're pregnant. Invest in birth control, or condoms. Abortion is murder.

  • It was you once.

    How would you have felt if your mother had NOT chose live for you?
    I am VERY grateful for life. By the way when a baby is 20 weeks old he/she CAN feel pain. Abby Johnson a former director of planned parenthood is now a pro life star. Abby did not go in for aborations unless she needs to fill in for someone. When she did one day she was heart broken at what she saw. She could see the baby on the screen as the needle went to the baby to take the baby apart piece by piece. As abby watched the screen she noticed haw the baby slowly was making its way to the other end of the mothers stomach until it could go no farther. And then the baby died. See more about this story at
    Remember that one of the millions of aborated babies could have been your best friend, a NBA star, or the greatest president ever.
    But even if they aren't one of those things, EVERYONE, no matter the size is God's little children........

  • Should Be Illegal

    The last time I checked, murder is illegal, isn't it. This is the same thing. However, the only difference is that here your doing it to a young, innocent, and unborn child. For all we know this amazing kid could be the next Steve Jobs. He was put up for adoption. Imagine if he was aborted by his parents. Then im sorry but we wouldn't have our precious iPhone's

  • Every Life Matters

    No matter how old it is, if the baby can feel it or not, it is still a child and a person. The baby's life matters, and the innocent thing can't help the situation that the mother has put herself in. Morally, I do not think that abortion is right and think that is should be illegal in America. No matter if it is a fetus or not, it is still a person that could have a life ahead of them. I think that it should be illegal because every child should get a chance at life not because their mother got herself in a situation and wants the easy way out.

  • Why Should Murder Be Legal?

    A life is a life, and as long as it hasn't done anything to deserve death, it in fact does deserve life. The fact that people support the legalization of murder sickens me. Just because it's legal, it doesn't make it right and some people just have to realize that.

  • Why does the child have to suffer?

    We'll probably never know why such a misopedic act is allowed (Misopedia is the hatred of children), but I wouldn't support the killing of innocent human beings. If you're not ready to have a child, then either practice safe sex or just don't have sex until think you're ready to.

  • Abortion is so wrong !

    Abortion is murder don't tell your self its not, no matter what age its still killing. Just think about if you were killed as a baby, and you never got to come to this earth. Never got the chance to earn money, or have the chance to have a family. It is killing and should be charged for what it is.

  • No More Abortion!

    If killing a pregnant woman is double homicide, then why isn't killing a unborn baby murder? Instead of abortion, we as a society should provide other options for a mother that doesn't want/ can't keep the baby like adoption or financial help with raising the child. A person is a person, whether unborn or not.

  • Yes, well somewhat

    Everyone deserves a chance at life, it's an inherent right. However in the cases of life of the mother and rape, an exception should be found. When she did not knowingly or willingly risk the pregnancy in question, the occurrence is not her fault. When she is at risk of death, it's a choice between the possibility of losing two lives vs losing one new seedling of life.

  • Nothing is right about abortion.

    Under almost no circumstances can abortion be justified. In this country, we don't punish children for the irresponsibility of their parents. Those who say that life doesn't start until the third trimester are ignorant or lying. Life isn't something to be had when it is convenient, it is something to be protected. Those of us who are pro life speak out for those who have no voice. Let's pretend for the sake of argument that a child isn't alive at conception. You have still taken away the child's life to choose what to do with his or her life. You have still taken away all of the happiness in the world. You still have taken a brilliant young mind away from the world. I don't think that some irresponsible teenage parent has the authority to make that kind of decision. It frankly appalls me that anyone would be allowed to make that decision. How arrogant of man to think that he controls life.

  • Body autonomy, a right.

    I tend to avoid these overly broad questions on abortion; they never really do anything for the debate. Here’s the overly broad response.
    Body autonomy. A person has rights over whom or what uses their body. It’s the same concept behind why you cannot be forced to donate blood or an organ. No one gets to use your body in any way without your consent. The fetus is using someone’s body. It needs the person’s consent.
    The right of body autonomy superseded any concept of “greater good”. Body autonomy means you can’t be forced to give up your right to your body so that one, or one hundred could live.

    Posted by: TBR
  • Since when was the human body allowed to be ruled by the government?

    A great quote from one of the arguments I read about this "Body autonomy. A person has rights over whom or what uses their body. It’s the same concept behind why you cannot be forced to donate blood or an organ." (TBR) The government nor anyone else should be deciding what a woman is doing with her body. Why are we forcing mothers who don't want children to give birth to them?

    An argument for the "No" side of this opinion that I don't agree with is "it should require consent from both parents". There is only one person who is going to be put through the ultimate pain and bearing of child labor. They shouldn't be forced because the government said so. This is the woman's body to do with what she wants.

    Sourcing from another comment made here "the baby does not posses the ability to feel pain until the 24th week so killing it before then will not cause any unnecessary suffering" (komododragon8) So that should shut down the argument of hurting the fetus, because it's fact that it cannot happen.

    The act of abortion is not misopedic. It doesn't always have to do with the hatred of children. Sometimes, parents are unable to support a child. Sometime, the pregnancy is accidental. There are so very many different reasons for the abortion of a child. And misopedia is probably the least common of them.

    A lot of people in the abortion debate tend to over-think about the fetuses and not really pay attention to the mothers, except to throw criticisms and insults to the ones that agree with abortion. The mothers are the ones who have to bear the child and go through the pains of labor and child birth. The mothers are the ones that have to go through the effects that pregnancy will have on their body, and the marks and effects that it will leave afterwards.

    If a parent is unable to support a child, why would we force them to have one only for them to put them up for adoption and forever regret not being able to care for their child and forever regret putting their child through the scary adoption process? How will the child react to finding out that their adopted? Will that biological mother ever know?

    This should be the choice of the woman who is bearing the fetus. It's her body after all. Not the government's.

  • Keep it legal.

    First off the baby does not posses the ability to feel pain untill the 24th week so killing it before then will not cause any unnessesary suffering. Keeping it legal also keeps it safe where women have access to tried and true methods. Lastly this will help women have greater control over their bodies and will lead to less unwanted children who may end up in a foster home.

  • We have Constitutional Rights

    We all can make our own decisions and a large majority of people would rather not have a child. They don't have the money or they are extremely young. Putting your child through orphanage is sick because they will always wonder who their parents are and who they are. What if they never get adopted?

  • Human DNA is like a Lego Manual. If you building the foundation then suddenly stop, it doesn't make it what it was suppose to be.

    A woman has the fundamental right whether or not to allow something to grow inside of her. The thing growing inside a woman is not granted the same rights as you and me as it does not have personhood. Yes this thing inside her is biologically human but it is not a person. We all think that human DNA is special. Yes it has perks, e.g. intelligence, etc., but the concept behind DNA is all the same. Take for example, we share about 95% of our DNA with apes and about half of our DNA is related to a Banana. I bet if an ape was getting an abortion, not too many would really care. DNA is just like an instruction manual. Take for example a lego building set. If you just build the foundation for the building, it is not the building it was suppose to be. This same principle applies to Human DNA as it builds up to a human child.

    To touch on one last note, people use the argument what if your mother had an abortion. Yes I love the life I have but I wouldn't be angry or be disappointed with her. A woman has the choice on whether or not to have you or another child. As much as people argue that it should be illegal sickens me that they feel the right to impose their beliefs onto others.

  • It is not yet a human.

    At the level it is not a human. It lacks the intelligent needed to separate itself from other animals. Also much of the DNA has yet to kick in, and it looks very similar to other animals. For me a fetus is not a baby until at least the 3rd trimester.

  • A fetus is not a person.

    A fetus is not a person. Belief to the contrary is religious, not scientific. There may be some gray area where the fetus is viable, and our law has adapted to recognize those issues.

    The idea of abortion is only troubling if you assume that the fetus has entity or that it is wrong to disrupt the potentiality of entity. I find neither assumption reasonable.

  • Abortion should be an available choice!

    It’s perfectly okay! Sex isn’t used as just a reproductive process, it’s a way to express love, affection, and loyalty to your significant other. Sometimes a baby is accidentally conceived, in which a woman will have to decide what to do. If abortion is made illegal, then it will be taking away an option. Women should have as much freedom on this topic as they can, as pregnancy is a powerful event in a woman’s life. Abortion doesn’t have to be the only option, adoption or raising the child are still safe paths to go down. But abortion should be made a possibility for those who choose it.

  • No it shouldn't be

    Abortion may seem really wrong but under certain circumstances it is not. I mean if you have had 6 abortions because you want to have unprotected sex then i want to say that they shouldn't be allowed to but what makes you think that they wont find a way at home to kill the baby. And also what about the girls that are raped? I personally would NEVER abort my child because i wont be able to live with the fact that i aborted my own child but people have other perspectives.

  • Does it have....

    Does it have Gov issued SSN? Does it have birth certificate? Then no, it does not have rights. Now the mother should be in complete control as to the fate of this fetus, if she can meet 3 things.

    1. A Psychological evaluation
    2. Health/Drug Screening
    3. Legal age to make a decision (18)

    If those three are met, then it should be her option whether to Abort, keep, or give it away (preferred).

    So no it should not be illegal, but it should be encouraged to keep or give away.

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Emma439 says2015-07-20T10:33:55.847
Abortion is absolutely okay and should be legal. The argument "Abortion is murder!" Is completely ridiculous. A fetus is not a person. I repeat, a fetus is NOT a person. A woman should not be forced to raise a child if she is not able and if she does not want to. It is HER body, NOT yours. She might not be financially and emotionally able to handle having a child, and again, it IS HER CHOICE, HER DECISION. Don't take that choice away from her.
DATXDUDE says2015-09-26T03:13:24.477
Sciguy says2015-10-14T19:21:40.453
Give the thing up for adoption instead of ruining its life, same go for circumcision. The child is not able to make the choice and your the one making the choice for it. I say if you want an abortion, to kill another life, YOU the parent should shoot it in the head when it is birthed. Why allow the abortionist get rid of what they reference as, "number 1" which is the head, and crush it and tear its body to pieces? Do watch the video,"THE SILENT SCREAM" which is both pro life and choice and will change your opinion drastically, mostly about planned parent hood.
BillyTheForumGuy says2015-11-14T14:14:50.040
@Emma439... A fetus is not a person, but its still living, depending on the mother to develop. IF the woman doesn't want to raise a child, then they should put it up for abortion. Just because the fetus is in HER body, this does not mean the fetus is part of her body. The fetus is separate entity from the mother, only inside to depend on mother for growth.
komododragon8 says2016-01-08T03:32:51.707
Datxdude: You call that an argument.
Billy: A whole lot of other things are living, bacteria, deer, rats, yet we can eagerly kill them.
lamondo1 says2016-02-04T17:59:18.107
Abortion shouldn't be okay it isnt your body so why kill it ?
Sciguy says2016-02-05T01:39:37.297
So, a scientist finds a cell on a distant planet and proclaims it is life, and yet, a LIVING and growing cell inside of a woman is not alive even though it is undergoing meiosis? That is literally humanity contradicting itself at its finest.

However, I must say that it is not as if the child went in the woman uninvited (rape excluded which is the bottom 1% of all abortions) and just said, " Hey, I'ma just gonna chill here... Be'otch!" If that Woman did not want to have a child they very well may have practiced abstinence which is the greatest way to prevent pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections/diseases.

But, if the abortion is due to rape--again the bottom one percent-- or incest, then an abortion is very well necessary. Especially with incest mostly because a child born out of a wedlock whose mother is the sister of its father then it is very likely, since the chromosomes are.... Too close, the child will have a substantial amount of birth defects and behavioral issues.

However, I would also say there should be a limit on the amount of abortions a woman can have, especially if the Woman is a whore, but as a very wise liberal once said, "Let them proceed in intercourse, whether they are Teens or Adult, and under their own will.... It is their body if they get pregnant and I must hope that the child to be is ripped to shreds as the fetus it is. Remember, it is her body not its body." No whore deserves to have a child, especially when she is the one that does not have her lover wear a condom or one herself.

But, this is something that humanity will likely look back on and find us to be more uncivil than the neanderthal itself. In other words, I believe that one day, not in the near future, but one day this debate will be history and we will classify a fetus as a living thing. But until then, I am going to remain half Liberal and half Conservative on this topic.
Sciguy says2016-02-05T01:43:42.373
Abortion is still wrong though and really should not be practiced.
Sciguy says2016-02-05T02:04:46.077