• Yes, yes I do.

    What is Eugenics? A morally evil institution that believes some men aren't fit to live, and that others are. What is the difference between this and abortion? There is one exception to this rule: if the mother is in threat of dying. I personally believe in the transcendent right of life to all people, the right without which no other rights have any meaning.

  • A fetus is a distinct human being

    At the moment of conception, a distinct human being is formed. Once the zygote is formed, the eye color, hair, height, skin, etc. is already decided. As the fetus continues to form, it develops arms, legs, head, brain, heart just like all humans. The fetus IS a living thing, it just requires outside help to stay that way just like a man choking to death relies on someone else to help them stay alive. As a living, human being, they are entitled to the same rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness that all Americans are. Abortion should be legal in cases where the baby was not conceived by choice (rape), if they will be born with horrible deformities or illnesses that will cause them to suffer a short while then die, or to protect the life of the mother. The women already made her choice. She had sex knowing full well that she had a chance to get pregnant. After that, it is her and the father's responsibility to care for that baby as best they can, whether by themselves or through adoption.

  • yes because a fetus is already a living human

    as we all know when the egg cell and sperm cell come together it forms a human (fetus) and is made from living cell and every living things have rights to live so why kill them if in the future they can be our future leaders, and we also know that the united states is liberated but being liberated does not include killing a living thing.

  • Yes, abortion should be legal. A woman has the right to abortion under the constitution.

    A woman who chooses abortion has the right to do so and the constitution dictates as such. Abortion is a private matter and a personal choice. Men in Congress should not be attempting to make decisions for the body of a woman. Some people view abortion as immoral and whether it is moral or not, does not matter. Women have the right to abortions and the right to privacy.

  • No, it shoudn't.

    Just because fetus is human doesn't mean it shouldn't be aborted. Woman has a right to choose to end pregnancy - if it becomes illegal, it will cause TONS of new problems for women. You really want a child to have a traumatized mother? I'm so sick of pro lifers.

  • No! Absolutely not! People have the right to decide for themselves whether or not they wish to end a pregnancy.

    Making abortion illegal here in the United States will only result in girls and/or women who are facing unwanted pregnancies resume going to abortion mills for illegal abortions that're done in unsanitary facilities, with unsanitary tools, and by back-alley butchers who are totally untrained in the procedure, and take advantage of girls and/or women who are facing unwanted pregnancies.

    Posted by: mplo
  • Not Here Or Anywhere

    Abortion is a basic human right and to deny it is to support organ trafficking and sexual abuse. There is no reasonable stance against the criminalization of abortion. It is an issue of bodily sanctity and biological freedom, and in particular when dealing with a country as religious as the United States we should never allow a faith of any type to take precedence over the freedom and wishes of its citizens.

  • Abortion should not be illegal in the US

    There is no reason to make abortion illegal in the United States of America. We are a country that is supposed to be made up of the freedom that we provide others and taking away abortion is one of those freedoms. If someone wants to go ahead and do it then that is there choice. Who are we to take away a choice of something that they want to do.

  • It's a damn choice!

    Look, if you don't want to get an abortion, don't! It's that simple. But other people who need abortions (in the case of rape, incest, teen pregnancies) should be allowed to get them! I don't understand how Republicans can go around preaching freedom and liberty but then want to deny women a choice that they make! I don't like guns yet i don't think they should be illegal, it's a person's choice.

    Posted by: WSB
  • NO, we all have the choice

    If we are still allowed to take the plan B after sex what is the difference between aborting the day before and a few weeks later? Every one has the choice of there own life's path. If a baby is not a part of the plan let the person abort! there is to many people on his earth anyways!

  • No, the fetus is not a living human.

    The issue of abortion revolves around the issue of "fetal rights" taking precedence over the rights of the woman. There is nothing more silly than putting the rights of the unborn before the rights of the living. The fetus may be living, but it does not have a consciousness and the decision should be made by the mother.

  • Right to Choose

    A baby is a part of the woman's body until it is able to exist outside the womb. Until then, the woman has full command of what to do with that life growing inside of her. Even though abortion may be an uncomfortable choice, women have the right to choose what to do with their bodies. Abortion should continue to be a right for any American.

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