Should abortion be legal even though the majority of women use it as an easy way out of the mistakes they so blindly made?

Asked by: guitarrox
  • Yes, it Should Be Legal

    Even though this opinion question was written in a loaded fashion, based on incorrect assumptions about the nature of reasons for abortions, I still feel that the right of a woman to seek this particular medical procedure should be protected. I suggest that honest discussion will get us further than loaded questions.

  • As a human right, it should be legal and adequately available.

    Regrettably, abortion is the last measure for some women who might die as a result of their pregnancy or that it has occurred from incest or rape. As a result of these aforementioned scenarios, abortion should be a service that is readily available but regulated. To mitigate the issue of "getting out of easy mistakes" and the contention that women utilize abortion services to circumvent motherhood, in-school seminars or educative services should be provided so that women can learn to have safe sex or to postpone sex until they are more mature and capable of raising a child.

  • As a woman who has had an abortion:

    Abortion being called "an easy way out" is always an instant head-shaker to me. My abortion was not the most traumatic thing to happen in my life, granted, but it was not a split-second "I don't care about anybody but myself" decision either. I didn't go skipping merrily out of the abortion clinic and order a cognac, but I did walk out with my head held high, knowing I did the right thing. Most women who have abortions have them not just because it is the best thing for them, but for everyone else concerned, including the potential life inside her. There are myriad circumstances that could make this be so - age, maturity level, economics, occupation, goals, medication the mother is on, mental well-being (yes, I'm throwing that one in there), her ability to raise a child on her own should the man not be interested in helping, the list is endless. The circumstances of my pregnancy would probably not garner as much sympathy as a rape, and I would have frowned on it myself back in Catholic school when I was Pro-Life. But you would be surprised how quickly a mind can change when it's you, and not some other woman you don't know, who sees that strip turn blue. Your mind goes in a million directions, and it isn't only you that you're thinking of. I should add that the guy in question (it takes two to make a mistake btw) was mighty grateful that abortion was legal on that day. If a man can't put himself in a woman's shoes, he should put himself in that guy's shoes. And if he still doesn't think it should be legal for "mistakes", then let's hope he never makes one. Chances are good he will run like the wind, because he can - which is exactly why it is a woman's issue.

  • Yes, though this question is wrong to start.

    The vast majority of women do not use abortion as birth control. Over half state health concerns (either their own or the potential fetus) as reason for abortion. Nearly half are married with other children. Nearly half were on birth control. Pretending abortion is about irresponsibility is just ignorant. And let's not forget that the majority of these women are abandoned by the irresponsible MEN involved, are poverty-stricken, and have no health insurance.

    But to the point- banning abortion does not stop abortion. Indeed, 95% of the world's abortions occur in nations where abortion is illegal. All illegal abortion does is kill women- a woman who is desperate, poverty-stricken, and without insurance will always find a way. It is a twisted mistake to allow women to die from back alley procedures due to a naive idea that you can magically stop all abortions by making it illegal.

  • For equality sake yes.

    I feel that while every issue is never black and white I feel they should be equal. I would propose a "financial abortion" from the father. I have seen too many men who share some of the same issues as the future mother,get trapped in parenthood too early because it was her choice. Im not saying he should say yes or no to a pregnancy, I'm saying he should be able to tell her if he wants to be part of that childs life and then let her make an educated decision weather or not she will have any support, emotional, financial or other forms.

  • Because now it's too late.

    Now that abortion is a concept everyone generally knows about, people are not going to stop doing it whether it's legal or not. While I stand on the "morally unacceptable" side of this argument, I would still rather people get actual doctor approved abortions as opposed to the coat hanger alternatives. It's really that simple. I still believe, however, that we as people have no right to destroy something like this once it is already set into motion because we understand very little about the concept of life, whether or not a soul actually exists and what it means to be alive. In short, we are tampering with mechanics we do not fully understand...

  • It's the woman's choice and you can't control what a woman does.

    Quite frankly telling another woman not to abort her baby is rude I think. Every abortion happens for a reason and no matter how much people try persuade others that it's wrong they can't argue with the personal reasons behind it because they have no idea how they would react in a situation like this. Abortions happen for many reasons such as financial difficulties, age, the pregnancy was unintended and even rape. Surely it would make sense for the baby to be aborted if the parents couldn't afford to care for it? What if you were sixteen and you wanted to do a-levels and go to university? What if you didn't even want the child? What would the point be in it being there if was being abused? And if the woman was raped? In my eyes it would be a walking reminder of a traumatizing situation.

  • It's a personal choice

    As long as the term of pregnancy does not harm the woman she can do what she wants with the fetus. It's not a human until it's born. Humans are defined by soul not by having a heartbeat or no tail in the womb. So why not? It;s more concerned of this newly born child living in unloving family and being unwanted. Why bring this child in this world if you cannot love, support and care for him/her. Abort them.

  • Yes it should

    Although most of the time it's a mistake, it may be accidental like faulty contraception or protection. It can also be used for parents who are told they will give birth to a disabled child they may not think a life of being disabled is a life worth living so would turn to abortion to terminate it. Although teenagers and adults a like may get pregnant blindly it can be useful to people who have not made the mistake quite so blindly.

  • Abortion is a Right Guaranteed Under the 9th Amendment & Just a Good Idea

    The right to abortion is a guaranteed right. The text to the 9th amendment of the U.S. Bill of Rights is as followed "The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people." It's a woman's choice to get rid of something in her body. Also, it is a really good idea since there are too many useless women having babies who have no real idea how to raise it and realistically it is a complete waste of resources, since it will never be anything. By the way I don't consider it to be alive until it is born, out of the vagina. If you think it is a baby before that, then every time you a guy jacks off or a woman has her period would be murder.

  • By definition, no.

    A baby, even at conception, has Human DNA... And is therefore human. This means it has full rights under the UN's Declaration of Human Rights.

    Article II
    Everyone is entitled to all the rights and freedoms set forth in this Declaration, without distinction of any kind, such as race, color, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status. Furthermore, no distinction shall be made on the basis of the political, jurisdictional or international status of the country or territory to which a person belongs, whether it be independent, trust, non-self-governing or under any other limitation of sovereignty.

    Article VI
    Everyone has the right to recognition everywhere as a person before the law.

    Article III
    Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person.

    I want to put an emphasis on this phrase: ...Without distinction of any kind...

  • There are other ways.

    There are so many ways besides aborting to not be responsible for a child. It is better for a child to live in foster homes than to not live at all. Unless, rape is involved the mother deserves responsibility for the child. It's not right that around 50 million babies have been aborted since the law was passed.

  • Take Responsibility for your Actions

    If you get pregnant that doesn't give you the right to murder an unborn child. Take responsibility for your actions; you should have taken the appropriate precaution before hand and not resort to murder. The only time abortion is acceptable is when it threatens the life of the mother -- then it becomes her choice.

  • What separates abortion from murder?

    As much as I support the free rights of females, abortion should not be one of them. It is essentially a way to kill a developing human being. Before you counter that the fetus is not always living yet or developed enough, keep it mind that it is impossible for a nonliving object to become a living creature (which means it qualifies as a human from the day of conception). In this sense, abortion is an act of murder. Not all pregnancies are intentional, but the bottom line is that if a woman winds up with a coming baby, he or she is inside her for a reason. People are quick to point to Constitutional rights. It would be hypocritical, however, to promote pro choice for women when the women themselves are denying the freedom of a being that is not able to defend itself and make their own choices. They deserve freedom too, after all. Nothing in there defends anyone's right to destroy lives, which is exactly what abortion does. Therefore, abortion, no matter the circumstance, is wrong and harmful beyond reason.

  • The baby is genetically human from the conception.

    Not only that, but their genetics are different from the mother's also, so it is clearly not part of her body. People must learn to live with their mistakes, and not make worse mistakes to correct the previous one they made.
    Many problems can occur after an abortion such as: sterility, premature births, mental problems, guilt, anxiety, grief, alcohol abuse, and breast cancer. There are lots of information about them in the web, along with studies that prove abortions are not a solution, as they cause worse problems than a mere pregnancy.
    The solution is simply giving away the baby or better, being more careful. Sex is not a need, even though you surely heard it is, but this is an advertising campaign to boost contraceptives and abortion's sales. And they succeeded to boost their sales.
    Abortion is just an apparently easy way out you use if your favorite method fails, only to later realize you made your worst mistake. Of course, nobody tells you this, because abortion is a product they are trying to sell.
    Even it is free for you, it only means your state is paying for it. Do you think it is fair to force other people to pay for easy access to abortions with their taxes?
    Abortion is not the right solution to reproductive problems. It causes more and worse problems than it solves.

    Posted by: Rafe
  • Abortion is murder.

    Plain and simple, abortion is the equivalent of murder. Many say that's it's just a woman doing what she wants with her body, I can prove there's enough biological evidence to say that the zygote is a human being. So, so long as you believe that all humans are born with the natural/God given rights of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, then there's no reason to deny that viable human being the right to live.

    There's a lot of other arguments out there as well, however I'm pretty sure I have good proof/logic against every single one of them.

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philochristos says2013-08-22T16:07:52.220
I don't think it's true that the majority of women use abortion as an easy way out. I don't think it's even true that the majority of women have abortions.
Jingram994 says2013-09-19T14:04:42.567
I don't particularly care to grace this one with a Yes or No. Neither one would reflect my opinion accurately. First of all, the majority (I believe around 70-80%) of women who get abortions were already using contraceptives, so the argument that it's 'an easy way out of the mistakes they so blindly made' is just wrong. Secondly, the majority (I think it's upwards of 95% this time) of women who get abortions are receiving their *first* abortion; even then the next highest percentile are women receiving their *second* abortion. It's hardly as though they just use it as 'another form of birth control'.

Put very simply, While I agree that abortion should be legal, the second half of the question is nonsensical and factually mistaken.