Should abortion be legal in the case of incest?

Asked by: jjohnmusic11
  • Abortions should always be legal.

    This is a very difficult decision that is must between a woman and her doctor. Yes, life is valuable, and must be protected according to the constitution. But that does not include people who are not yet born. The Supreme Court has decided that unborn fetuses are not viable, and any ban on abortion infringes on a woman's natural born right to control her own body.

    Posted by: ABG
  • Yes- it is in the best interests of all those concerned.

    It is in the best interests of a pregnant AFAB person to be able to choose whether or not to carry the pregnancy to full term.
    It is also in the interests of an individual who would be produced as a result of an incestuous relationship to be aborted- they are at extremely high risk for getting all kinds of genetic disorders. They would also likely be heavily ostracised for being the result of incest.

  • I am pro life.

    A yes vote means you do not see abortion as murder. I do, so I vote no. Incest is one of the most vile, despicable crimes in humanity, where lives are destroyed down to their most personal level. This crime takes an innocent victim and changes the relationship where the offender, who should have been willing to die to defend the victim, instead victimized them and destroys any hope of the victim having faith in humanity. I do not see that, however as a cause of action for killing the child, which is not guilty in the offense. I would prefer the child be adopted and the perpetrator executed.

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Dilara says2016-07-24T03:58:39.990
If it is rape yes.