Should abortion be legal? Is it okay to abort a fetus?

  • Pro-lifers don't care about life, Funnily enough.

    Abortions are an extension of a woman's rights to her own body. They should be able to take control of a natural process and terminate it if they want to, Regardless of reason. It's why we let people tattoo themselves, Augment themselves with injections and implants- your own pregnancy is your own business, Not someone else's.
    Pro-lifers seem to think they have control over peoples' bodies. They don't realise the many people who get raped *don't want the baby*. They don't realise that people experiencing stillbirths or complications don't want dead bodies inside themselves. That people whose kids with mental disorders sometimes cannot financially or willingly support these children, And THAT'S FINE. It's their choice, Not yours to make.

  • Most "Pro-Lifers" are hypocritical.

    Ask a pro-lifer to commit to the notion of equality for all life and they instantly become selectively moral. The killing of people in the name of "war on terror" or "defence of the nation" for example, Is widely acceptable to most pro-lifers.
    An insentient bundle of foetal tissue has no notion of itself or the universe, So within an accepted timeframe relative to foetal development, Safe abortion should be an available option.
    The extinguishing of life is essential for our survival. Being pro-life is therefore, Something of an unnatural contradiction.

  • Abortion should be VERY illegal

    Abortion is killing an innocent fetus, A fetus is a living unborn human. So a fetus should get the same rights as a human. It was her choice to have unprotected sex. Now your going to ruin a life because your going to choose abortion. After abortion women usually have terrible health effects after aborting a fetus, Such as, 10x the normal depression rate of a normal person, Infertility, Failing of other organs, And inflammation. So if you're going to choose abortion, You're already killing 1 human being, You have a good chance to kill 2 people. Abortion doctors and serial killers are basically the same, But the doctor gets paid, And the serial killer gets put in prison for 60 years.

  • This is murder

    This is murdering an innocent future baby. I love babies, And they are very cute. They may grow up and help us. Then again, They could also hurt us, But that's also what some people who were not aborted do too. Let's illegalize abortion, Because it's murdering babies (not fetuses)! (Note: I am not accusing anyone of feminism or anything, Nor do I say that people who abort their babies need to die themselves. I'm just sying that we need to illegalize abortion Plus, If you had unprotected sex, Then you need to deal with hte consequences. ).

  • They have rights to

    Just because a child has not taken its first breath does not make it any less of a person. Murder is a crime, How do people not see that they are killing a human-being and say it's not murder. That goes against any and all principles that a society should have. Pointless killing is and should never be condoned. Just something to think about, I have done research and previous doctors who used to do abortions have come out to say this. No anestetic or painkillers are used. The babies are left to experience to extreme pains of being helplessly killed. Sometimes they don't even kill them straight away, They through them in the bin to starve to death or die of thirst. It is disgusting how low society has dropped to allow legal murder of a child.

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