• Yes, The person should have total control if they want to abort or not.

    Instead of saying "it's a human being" just to make yourself look like an angel selfishly, Think about the person who is actually having the baby. You don't know their fight. You don't know what made them pregnant. They could've been raped, Or they don't have conditions to support certain baby.

  • It's none of your darn business

    The bible is generally pro-abortion. It's also none of your business when what medical stuff people do. Nor is it your right to decide "when life starts. " As that will be different for every person. The laws we have now are good enough. It's a hard enough for most people. We need to keep it legal, To keep it safe. Otherwise people will go to dark markets and/or do it themselves. With more deadly effects.

  • It's not your business

    Scientifically speaking, A fetus is not fully developed until after an abortion is not allowed. Second, It's nobody's business of what a mother decides to do with her body. There are so many health risks that come with being pregnant and giving birth, And some mothers simply are not in a financial, Mental, Or physical state to give birth. Also, Making abortions illegal won't stop women from obtaining abortions, However, Maternal mortality rate will increase, As it did in Honduras.

  • It Depends On The Situation

    If it’s rape, Then abortion should be legal because it wasn’t the victim’s fault and going through forced pregnancy nine months after being raped isn’t the most enjoyable experience. Otherwise, No, Abortion is basically murder. Even if you don’t want the child, Tough, You’re not going to commit a murder because you can’t face your own mistakes

  • Abortion is murder

    You can not define life as ant-thing other than as starting at consumption other wise you end up drawing a false line that can also be applied to those who are born you say heart beat well there are people who have a pacemaker ok gang we should amend the constitution to ban it permanently

  • You had sex what do you expect, A million dollars?

    If it was rape it's your decision, But if you accidently had a baby after you gave your body to a man then you are gonna have to live with that baby instead of getting abortion, Abortion is murder of an unborn, How would you feel if you were aborted?

  • Abortion should not be a choice.

    According to you, It's not a life. How can you kill a human being, Your own child, Just for you? And yes, It is our business because this entire world decided to be pro-abortion, No children would be born. The baby has Sentience at 8 weeks when most abortions happen later. It is EXTREMELY SELFISH just to protect your reputation. Here's a hint, Don't have intercourse if you don't want the child.

  • You have the full control over your body

    "You have the full control over your body" THAT'S WHY YOU SHOULD CONTROL YOUR BODY WHILE HAVING A SEXUAL RELATIONSHIP AND REALISE THAT YOU CAN AVOID THAT BY MAKING THE PARTNER USE PROTECTION, Imagine the amount of humans that would've been born and became something that would help the humanity

  • Life is life, It's not just a bunch of cells

    Ask yourself a question, Do you think murderer should be legal? If you said no, Then you are practically contradicting yourself if you support abortion because if you think about it deeply, Abortion is murder, So yeah, You are practically supporting killing a human being, And yes, A fetus IS a human being, Even if it can't survive for itself or can't even breathe, It's still a human being, Not cells.

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