• Over population, we should stop people from having kids not encourage it.

    Many kids are stuck in orphanages and adoption agency by parents who can't take care of them. Many more are thrown away or killed after birth. Life might start at inception but it's not yet a person, it does not have a brain or a gender, and it wont feel death. Beside the unborn go straight to heaven if your religious given they have not had even a chance to sin. But the main point is to many people live on this world, we need to reduce cut back, otherwise we will run out of space and wind up destroying this planet and everyone on it maybe even within the next hundred years.

  • Mothers' and Babies' Rights

    Yes, but abortion should be kept to a limit. It's true that the baby is its own individual person with rights as well as the mother. If she was impregnated from rape (a crime that isn't the mother's fault) that mother has the right to abort the fetus. If the mother's life was at serious risk from illness because of the fetus, that is another of the woman's right to abort the fetus. As for the baby's rights, the mother shouldn't proceed with an abortion if 'the pill didn't kick in'. Would you prefer the baby to be abandoned and orphaned for its childhood?

  • Pro-choice.

    Pro-choice is not pro-abortion. I am against abortion in all cases except incest, rape, or unwanted pregnancy. Those who rely on pictures of aborted fetuses not only are appealing to emotions, but are typically displaying partial-birth abortions. The typical abortion aftermath fits into a petri-dish. In the end, not my body, not my choice.

  • Yes.

    Yes. All woman deserve the right to do what ever they want with their body. Until all rapists of the world are captured (never) a woman has the right to leave a child she knows she cant hold. Until a man has to cary a baby in his stomach for 8 months I dont think they should have the right to even vote on this.

  • It's Her Choice.

    No one should tell a woman what she can and cannot do with her body. Yes, there was a life created, but in what situation? The woman could have been in danger, or forced. Why should she have to put her body through child birth because of that? It's crazy to make someone do that.

  • Yes, make it legal

    I know that some argue that abortion is a terrible, immoral thing to do. However, think of what would happen if abortion would be illegal? How many women would abandon their newborns because they don't want it? There are enough homeless children in this world, let's not have any more than we have to.

  • Yes

    In some cases it should be ok. I think that in cases of rape and incest the woman should have the right to choose if they carry out the pregnancy. This should not be the choice of some bureaucrat that is not in that situation. Keep it out of the hands of politicians.

  • No. Almost not at all.

    The question amounts to whether the womb holds a human life. From VERY early stages, the basic vitals that all humans possess are already present. Furthermore, a week-old fetus has the same potential to become a contributing member of society that a newborn does. Once the egg is fertilized, a human life is in progress. He/she could become the next President for all we know.

    So then, is it acceptable to kill a human? By all standards in the US, NO. Inalienable rights, remember? "Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." The fact of the matter is, this is not all about the mother. It's not about whether it's unfair for HER. Now, there's another life as well, one that she has no right to kill, any more than a mother could kill her four-year-old. Abortion is MURDER. Unborn humans are killed with the approval of the government by the hundreds and hundreds of thousands. That it equivalent to Hitler's Germany approval the Holocaust. Jew or unborn baby, both are alive and have a future that could be.

    Rape or incest is no excuse. That's like saying being shot in the foot gives you permission to shoot the other in the face. Why should the baby suffer the punishment for the crime or poor decisions of the parents? Worse yet, the ultimate punishment, something way more serious and eternal than 9 months. The mother can survive 9 months.

    BUT WAIT! I'm not stupid. There are situations where the baby mortally endangers the life of the mother. Firstly, in order for the abortion to be justified, the situation MUST be mortal. One life is not any less significant than the other. But it's foolishness that both should die.
    Secondly, I believe that every possible effort should made to save the child and mother BEFORE abortion is even considered. If that mean waiting until the third trimester and having the baby prematurely, then so be it. If the child has a chance without endangering the mother, than it should be taken.

    But the fact of the matter is, the majority of abortions are conducted outside of mortal danger. They're conducted because the child is an inconvenience. And killing a child for selfish reasons is wrong.

  • Let's pretend that I'm a newborn who got dumped on the street after an unwanted pregnancy; my situation may be bad, but at least I'm not dead!

    The only instance in which a woman should be legally able to abort a child is if the birth of the child is likely to cause serious harm or death to the mother. The comfort of the mother should not be considered superior to the security of the child. Why is it that the mother has the right to determine whether or not to have a baby inside her, when the baby doesn't have the right to determine whether to have poison inside her?

  • NO

    Its basically ending a life so why legalize it. I mean im 14 and even I have common sense.. Abortion is the DILIBARATE termination of a foetus. It should on be allowed if if will cause SEROIUS harm to the mother life. go back to the law that was in the UK before 1964 when abortion was comletely illegal. its unbeliveable that all you people want to leagalize abortion. shame on you. Ban Abortion Now!

  • Should Murder Be Legalized?

    We hear so much about the right of a woman, she didn't have to get pregnant. That was her choice. The baby has a right to live. I don't understand why everyone advocates murder in this country. It is terrible and disgusting! "Woman's rights" what a joke! The woman gave up her right when she got pregnant.

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