• If men could get pregnant...

    ...Abortion would be a sacrament. - Florynce Kennedy

    ...Abortion would be like Starbucks. There would be two on every block and four in every airport - and the morning after pill would come in different flavors like sea salt and cool ranch. ((SNL? (1))

    ...For those looking for abortions in their city, your iPhone or Android would have apps that would help you find the best-rated clinic at a convenient distance. There would be a Yelp for abortions, a Grub Hub for abortions (if you want to order from home) and even a Grindr-type app that allows you to look for clinics in your area desperately seeking action now. There’s a clinic 15 feet away! (2)

    Actually, if men could get pregnant we wouldn't be able to recognize society. Women stayed home with the kids and men went out hunting to provide for them all when time began. This was a necessary arrangement that lead to thriving of our species, given our physical makeup and the length of time a human child is helpless. Women continued to stay home, have children, raise them, feed them and the husband, keep the place clean and free from disease, balance the budget, get the groceries, ensure the family is clothed well and safe, keep everyone out of trouble as much as she could, the list goes on and on. Men...Worked forty hours a week. Yet what men were doing somehow became so much more important than what women were doing. And now we have mothers working only because men, after millions of years, finally convinced them that what they were doing was so much less than what they (men) were doing. Turns out we can do it all, so what good are ya if you don't help? And the modern sexist man (you know if it's you I speak of) has only one thing to hold over a woman anymore - she can get pregnant, and he can't. And if he can still control that, he can still control women, because pregnancy changes everything for a woman.

    But if pregnancy is a thing a woman has a choice about, well maybe men will become even less necessary to a woman's existence? If she can't raise it by herself she will need a man, if she can't have an abortion. She will have to leave her job, perhaps. Give up on school. Whatever. Why do some men have this desperate need to be necessary? Can't they find anyone who thinks they're necessary? Why should their inferiority complex rule our futures?

    I'd like to end this finally by saying - men, try to imagine seeing that strip turn blue. You can't, anymore than I can imagine something that couldn't possibly happen to me. 'Nuff said.


  • The woman bears all the effects.

    Last time I checked, a man doesn't have to deal with the physical, emotional, and psychological ramifications of pregnancy and birth. And considering there are extremely few responsible men involved in the lives of women who have abortions, they aren't bearing the financial burdens either. They overwhelmingly aren't the ones raising the child. If a woman is LUCKY she might get some meager child support- and even then money is only a small portion of the responsibilities of parenthood.

    To claim that abortion should be anything other than a woman's choice is to take away ALL of her rights (remember, there is no halfway on pregnancy, no compromise) and turn her into an incubator against her will to fulfill the whims of a man.

  • It should be entirely the mothers choice.

    There is no happy outcome here but forcing a woman to do something with her body that she does not want to do is wrong. I believe in autonomy over ones own body. The one to suffer from an abortion is the mother. If she can live with this then so can the rest of us.

  • It is her body

    Pregnancy is a lot of pain, what if the woman is tired of the pain and wants to end it? Well here's what I think. At the ninth month I don't recommend abortion because your almost there but if you don't want it early enough like 2nd month then abortion should be OK. And if the man wants a child, why not adopt one? And if you ban abortion this will hit teenage girls especially. They are not mature enough to raise one and their bodies are still growing. Teenage pregnancies are much more risky than adult ones. And they are at risk for osteoporosis. And boys of teenage mothers are THREE TIMES more likely to serve time in prison. Maybe they're human beings at contraception but they may be uninvited guests. And to BrighamYoungConservative, women should be able to abort if they make a mistake, everyone is forgetful. Like if you forgot a valuable thing from a vacation, very frustrating. That is irreversible but pregnancy isn't. About rape, it is true that it is not a baby's fault, but you were forced to have sexual intercourse through violence or so and that is against her will. She must have the right to get an abortion. If God planned this, then He has committed a sin himself.

  • Her body, her right, her choice

    Yes because sometimes it isn't the women's choice to get pregnant. If a woman decides to get an abortion, then she should get it! If i got pregnant and i wasn't ready i would rather get an abortion before it was completely developed, than my child hating it's life and killing itself!

  • Her Body Her Choice

    If a a women wishes to have a abortion it should mainly her right to decided, it is her BODY,LIFE that is going to be affected don't get me wrong the guy should have a say in the fact whether his child should be born but a women is going to go through more then a man will

  • 9 months of pain

    I would like you all to consider the fact that to have a child you go through 9 months of pure pain, and then you push out a 8 pound baby from your uterus. Sorry but it does not sound fun if they don't want to go through that then why should they.

    If a guy wants to have control he can have the baby, but I bet its a bit more painful for him.

  • Yes, but with a caveat.

    Men have no say in whether or not a woman has an abortion. In most cases, it will have been a voluntary interaction with unintended consequences. Why should a woman be able to eliminate a major source of anxiety and long term responsibility when a man cannot? It's only justified if the man likewise has an option - not to abort biologically, but to abort socially and financially (which a woman can do as well via adoption). There's no doubt that men have had too much power historically when it comes to women's bodies, but with the recent widespread acceptance of abortion and the right to choose the tables have been turned dramatically. To balance that out, men should also have a right to choose (albeit one of a significantly different nature).

  • Yes it should.

    Let me start by saying that i am not saying that the man has no right to input, but I am saying that the woman has the final say on the pregnancy, because it is her body affected by pregnancy. The woman goes through hormone changes, having to pee every two hours (this can affect sleep), the fetus kicking her, nausea, vomiting, agrivation of preexisting medical conditions, for example the changing hormones can affect the serotonin, neureponefrin, and dopamine which are three key hormones that affect mental health, some women get so sick all the time that they cannot hold anything down at all (bad for women who have to take meds), women with cancer can have problems, pregnancy is not always the rosey picture painted by antichoice people. I in no way support abortion just for the Hell of it, but I do most definately support abortion if there is a risk of trauma (this does include mental problems) and the fetus will die anyway, or the fetus will live such a horrible life that he or she would wish to die. It is for each women to decide what is right for her.

  • Obviously, it should.

    Considering the fact that it is the woman going through the pregnancy, she should be the primary decision maker over her own pregnancy. Although I do think at least some input could help, the woman is the primary voice over this decision. I am staunchly against abortion laws since they infringe on individual rights. The "morally wrong" argument is a weak one, and is purely a subjective one.

  • Gift from God

    You know that being pregnant is having another world inside your body right? And you know that baby is from God right? So, if you do an abortion, it's also mean hat you killed someone. And why do abortion? Bc tired of getting sick? Just 9 months of pain, it'll go away and your life will be wonderful. I mean, you can't just do abortion thing. Don't you remember your mother had to feel that too but she never wanted to abort you right? SO SHOULD YOU!!

  • It's not your body anymore

    As soon as a woman's egg is fertilized, It is no longer her body. She then has to share it with another human. A smaller, more vulnerable human that can feel pain and recognize the sound of it's mother's voice.

    I don't care what the circumstance is, you can never justify the murder of an innocent child. It is not the babies fault that you made a mistake. It is not the babies fault that you were raped or that you simply don't want to keep it anymore. God put that child on this earth for a reason and it is not your decision whether or not it stays or goes.

  • It doesn't only effect the woman

    Abortion effects not only the woman but the father (if he wants the child), the unborn child, and many times these mothers do not have a clear mind frame and truly understand what they are doing when they do abort. In totality, abortion effects society in many ways where we choose what actually defines a human being and now choosing wether someone is allowed to be born or not therefore, making us less sensitive to our own humanity. The unborn is human, it has specific genetic make-up that's unique, it lives, it feels pain, it moves. To insinuate this human has no rights simply because it is not born yet is immoral. Abortion survivors tell the story very well. We all have souls, otherwise we would be corpses. Being a live human should be no different than being considered a person. If the argument is that the fetus is not aware of itself, keep in mind that up until about 3 years of age no human is aware of themselves, yet we would not condone a mother killing a 2 year old. The human fetus is no different inside the womb than outside the womb, the fact that they change location does not suddenly make them a person, they were a person before. At the time most humans are aborted they have arms, legs, and facial features. Every child must have it's own personality otherwise every pregnancy and every baby born would be the same. (except for medical reasons) since we all know that no one is the same, it is not reasonable to suggest that unborn babies do not have personalities or souls. Abortion in the case of life-threatening medical conditions is different because the woman's life is literally in danger as well, not that this makes her life more important than the unborn, but the fact that she should not have to die to deliver the baby. Those instances only account for about 5% of abortions. In the instance that the mother has financial issues, if we look at all of the money which is about $274 million dollars, which our government gives to planned parenthood for abortions, if the children were born could they not give that money to organizations to help parents in financial situations? Also, there are so many that would do anything possible to find a child to adopt. I can't imagine that being adopted or being in a foster home could be worse than never being allowed to be born. We worry so much about the womans choice but what about the childs choice?
    This is coming from a woman who could've taken abortion as an easy way out, but instead am allowing my child to live. You don't have to have a lot of money to care for and love a child and I child doesn't have to ruin your life you just have to be willing to work harder.

  • The man must be given the right to participate

    Where is the man's freedom of choice? We allow women to have a "choice" after the fact (i.E. The sex) - why not give men a choice on whether they want to be a father (and therefore have to pay child support)? Oh, I forgot, we're here to destroy those evil men whose fault it is in the first place. Like the liberal Maureen Dowd has already admitted, women have gotten everything they want - and now men don't want to marry them. You reap what you sow.

  • Don't be selfish, you were the one who got pregnant.

    I think abortion should be allowed if the mother's life is at risk. But abortion is NOT a form of birth control. You can't just go "oops, I forgot to take my birth control pill". It's the woman (and her partner) who brought this child into existence. If they were more responsible, there would be no innocent child brought into the mess.
    "It's my body, it's my choice" is rubbish. It's not just the mom's body, it is also the body of an unborn baby. If you gave that child a chance in life, whether you raised it yourself or let someone adopt him, he could leave a huge impact on the world. But, because you choose abortion, he will never take his first steps. He will never laugh or cry. He will never have a chance to make his mark on our world.

  • Absolutely not for many reasons

    Some women lie to their partners saying that they have taken a pill or other options, therefore the partner thinks that he is having a safe intercourse. Let's imagine what happens after a few months ... The partner finds out she is pregnant, He would have to pay child support and he will have to see the woman that lied to him. This is basically stealing the man's money.

  • Why should women be judgmental and controlling?

    Once conception occurs, the embryo is on the trajectory to look like you and me if not impeded (by abortion). The child and mother's life may appear that it will start out very difficult. But many people started out that way throughout history and ended up happy and fulfilled. Why does the woman (mother) have the right to judge that he/she (the child) does not have the right to experience love and laughter? Why does the woman have the right to judge that she/he has no right to experience the opportunity to have their own family and friends? Why can a woman be so controlling as to judge her/his life as not good enough to live?

  • The baby is ALIVE!

    To say that the fetus is just a blob of tissue, especially with today's medical evidence, is plain ignorance. The baby is a living, growing and thriving human being. Before you know that you are even pregnant, the embryo has a developing brain and a heartbeat. The fetus is never a part of the mother's body, so why should the mother choose to end a life just because keeping it would be inconvenient. A woman has the right to make decisions regarding her own body. The only part of the fetus that is actually connected to the mother is the umbilical cord, which supplies food and nutrients to the growing human. The fetus has his/her own genetic code, blood type, and sex and can feel pain. Who are you to say that a living human being doesn't deserve to live?

  • Its the woman's fault for having sex.

    Its not the babies fault that you deiced to have sex. I mean like yes I understand if you were raped. But still its not the child's fault. If you really can't take care of the child put it up for adoption other people would love your unwanted child. All I can say is wait to have sex until you're married

  • No way in hell!!!

    This is the most bullshit argument i have every heard about 'womens right'... Why in Gods name, should a man have to pay child support for a child he did not want in the first place and the child is coming into the world solely because of the 'womans choice' is ludicrous!! If a woman wants to have the child against the wishes of the poor guy who was foolish enough to get her pregnant, then she should pay for the kid. She has no right to punish the man for the rest of his life by taking huge chunks from his pocket for something he did not want in the first place! And vice versa if the man wants to have the kid, and the woman doesn't, she can get an abortion without so much as having to consult with the man. How on earth is that fair???? With all this feminist bullshit going around, eventually all men should boycott having sex with women altogether! Unfortunately we are heading towards the amazonian women society which was depicted in Hercules's tales. All men are relinquishing their power willingly and are becoming slaves to this new wave of feminist bullshit, and are consequently unhappy for the rest of their lives. Wake up guys, wake up before it is too late!!!!

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