Should abortion be okay at any stage in pregnancy if it means the mother's life is saved?

  • Abortion should always be okay if it saves the life of the mother, because she's already alive, while the fetus is not.

    If the purpose of outlawing abortion is to save a life, then any time abortion can save the life of the mother, it should be legal and allowed. It's heartbreaking to make it a numbers game, but if there is a sure fire way to save one life, instead of risking both, it should be taken advantage of.

    Posted by: FlakyHerb64
  • I think saving the mother's life should always be a valid reason for having an abortion, because her life is just as important as that of her child.

    If a woman's life is in danger, and she chooses to put the life of her unborn child before her own, that is her choice. It should also be her choice to put her own life before that of her unborn child. We cannot know the circumstances of her life and what her choice would be. But, it definitely should be her choice and not that of anyone else.

    Posted by: SuddenRashad84
  • Abortion to save the mother's life is consistent with the principle of justified killing.

    In our society, we justify killing in self-defense on the theory that one cannot be forced to die so someone else can live. That is a choice that we as society are uncomfortable forcing on someone. That same principle holds true for abortion to save a mother's life. Even putting aside the issue of whether abortion involves "killing", society's values as they relate to self-defense justify such abortions.

    Posted by: A Bass
  • Abortion should be legal when the continuation of the pregnancy will place the mother's life in danger.

    A mother should never have to chose between her life and that of her child. However, when medical evidence can prove that the continuation of the pregnancy will place the mother's life in danger, the mother should have the legal option to abort the fetus.

    Posted by: SqualidVaughn
  • It is a tough choice for a mother to make, and I feel that if the mother's life is at stake, then yes, abortion should be legal at any stage, because it would be saving a life.

    For the most part, if a woman carries a baby past the first trimester, then more than likely, she really wanted the child. If her life is threatened because of the pregnancy, it will be a very hard and heartbreaking decision that she will have to make. Because of this, I feel it should be legal to make this decision at any stage of the pregnancy, but only in this circumstance.

    Posted by: eyeslikethat
  • Abortion should not be frowned upon, especially in this situation.

    I believe you will never fully be on one side of the fence until you are pregnant, and facing this situation head on. If a woman is not financially stable, homeless, drug addict, has a disease, she was raped, may die during birth, or simply just does NOT want a child, then that is her choice, not yours. Right now, this is a right she has, and nobody should be able to take that away. Not to mention, our population growth is peaking at one of it's highest. Also, the age for losing your virginity is becoming EXTREMELY young. I'm talkin from around 11-13. The excuse " If you're going to have sex, you should deal with the consequences" is crap. Nobody, not even people who are against abortion, is ready to have a child.

  • Abortion should be allowed at any stage of pregnancy if it would save the mother's life.

    If a mother's life is in danger, a pregnancy should be able to be aborted at any stage of pregnancy. No only do you do a disservice to the parents of this child, but to the child as well if his mother dies because of the pregnancy. In many cases the child will also die. The mother should not be forced to give up her life. If it will save the life of the mother, a baby should be able to be aborted at any point.

    Posted by: OnfreM0
  • If a woman's life is at risk, an abortion is appropriate.

    If a woman beyond all reasonable doubt will die if she does not have an abortion, the abortion is justified. If a woman simply doesn't want the child anymore, then it is not justified. This has potential for abuse and there would need to be methods in place to prevent abuse of this kind of system.

    Posted by: RayEar
  • Mother's life is always more precious than the child. A mother is like a chicken and baby is egg.

    Yes, I agree that abortion should be okay at any stage in pregnancy if it means the mother's life is saved. I feel that the mother's life is always more precious than unborn child and abortion is okay at any stage if mother's life is saved. Child is unborn and when it comes to such decision mother's life should always be given priority. In some religion this is sin but I believe that mother is like a chicken and kid is an egg.

    Posted by: I0rFashion
  • Yes, abortion is between the mother and her doctor.

    Abortion should absolutely be allowed in all circumstances to save a mother's life. It is absurd to put at risk one person's life to protect another unborn person. The option should be there for the mother to make an informed decision on the fetus within her. The government has no role or right to become involved in that decision making.

    Posted by: R43Shep
  • I think it is immoral and wrong to have an abortion

    Just think of a man or a woman being killed for no reason. This is the same thing. You are essentially KILLING a person. If you didnt want a child, dont get involved in that stuff in the first place. God sent that person for a reason. The child didnt do anything wrong, so why kill it for no reason. If you dont want the child you gave BIRTH to, give it up for adoption. Give your child to a family that cant have children. That would be the best thing to do.

  • Abortion is murder at any stage

    I believe abortion should be illegal in any state at any stage. There are some circumstances in which abortion is one of the best options, but it is never the best option. That is a living child you are killing when you decide to have an abortion, think of the life you are killing.

  • I oppose abortion for any reason, because it is immoral to take even a fetus' life.

    My views on abortion make it impossible for me to even consider having one. The would-be mother should have thought of the consequences before having sex. There is always a risk to the mother when becoming pregnant, and every woman should know this fact. Not only is it immoral to have an abortion, it puts a woman at risk of never being able to conceive in the future.

    Posted by: R3yn4FerIi
  • It's cowardly and wrong.

    I would gladly put my life in God's hands if it means that my baby would have a chance to live. That child would have a life and I couldn't possibly take it. I'd be living with the guilt for the rest of my life, especially as I would love all of my children. I have no right to take it's life. I would rather let my precious baby live than live in it's place. It's not right and unborn children have rights.

  • Abortion should be illagal

    Blastocysts,embryos and fetuses are human and have the right to live. Especially when they could live outside the uterus (21 weeks). Even more so when they would have a 50% chance of survival if they where to be born at this time (24 weeks). Most of all when they reach the point that doctors would consider them full term babies if they where to be delivered at this point (37 weeks).
    Have you ever seen van aborted fetus or at least a picture or video of one? I find it to be the most gruesome thing I have ever seen (I didn't even see it in person! Nothing serves to justify abortion. There should be a law against abortion!

  • At some point, we have to understand that the baby is a life before it leaves the womb.

    While I agree that abortion should be a woman's choice, they should only be allowed to abort during the 1st trimester, or maybe a few weeks into the second. After that, the baby can hear and it has limbs and organs, so killing it at that age is completely unacceptable. A mother who is in jeopardy of losing her life should have already known that pregnancy could kill her, if that was the case before she got pregnant, or at least known within the first few weeks. That was a choice she should have already made.

    Posted by: 5h4yGlory
  • I am republican

    You should only kill a baby in the first trimester.I am totally republican i honestly dont think its ok when you kill a child but it isn't ok in any meaning to kill a baby if its gonna save the mom great but you are killing another human being .

  • Absolutely not. Never

    Its a baby; a real human life and that is a fact. Would a mother kill her own baby so that she would live? That is unjustifiable and selfish. Lets say that either way one of them will die. Is it better that the mother dies by natural ways or that the baby is murdered? The answer is self explanatory. Even if your unsure if it is a human life inside the womb, what if it is? Because of that possibility an abortion is never a choice.

  • Abortion is NEVER the ONLY option

    Obstetricians have always been aware that they treat two lives, from conception to 6 weeks post delivery. In Ireland they have always been expert in treating, any and every condition that may arise in pregnancy without resorting to abortion and Ireland has a record of being one of the safest places in the world to be pregnant and have a baby. (WHO 2007). In Chile, where abortion was made illegal in 1989 maternal death rates dropped. Please do not be mislead by pro abortion propaganda, Abortion is NEVER the only option and can never replace good Obstetric and Midwifery care.
    Cork Midwife

  • It's not okay. NEVER

    You are actually killing a living human being and its not ok the mother should understand that herself if it's her life or her babys. Why the child? You got pregnat didnt you thats your falut not your babys dont take the life of a baby it's just like man slaughter so... What do you think

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CorkMidwife says2013-06-22T16:22:35.687
I say NO Abortion is NEVER the ONLY option. Why are my comments not visible ? Cork Midwife