• Abortion or the murder of a preborn human being should be unlawful. The exception being risk of life and limb of the mother.

    There are two people involved the question. They both have rights as human beings. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are a basic way of describing it. To answer this question I have to ask whose rights are more at risk? Life? Mom is not at risk here and if she is she has a right to end to pregnancy. That aside she doesn't have this concern. The child is at maximum risk at this point. The child will lose her life. Liberty? Mom will suffer a partial loss of liberty for 9 months. The child will suffer a permanent loss of liberty. Pursuit of happiness? Mom may suffer lack of happiness but this is temporary. The child will never experience happiness. The rights of the child are at greater risk than the mother therefore the child most be put ahead of the mother. In the interests of justice and human rights abortion must be illegalized.

  • Yes because the baby deserves life

    Abortion should be made illegal because abortion denies a baby a chance at a good life. Aborting the baby is cruel and the mother could choose other options like putting him or her up for adoption. Babies can also have the chance to grow into healthy individuals if abortion is made illegal.

  • Abortion is murder

    We do not know enough to know the exact moment an unborn child becomes "human". We don't know the point where a soul enters the body.

    So as a result killing the unborn baby at any age can be considered murder because that baby may already have a formed human soul.

  • Abortion Is Murder

    Under law, murder is illegal. According to the Bible Psalms 51:5 says, "Surely, I was sinful at birth, sinful from the time my mother conceived me." The moment a human being is created it has sin and sin is recorded at conceivement which means that the moment a baby is conceived it is a human life.

  • Abortion is not murder.

    Abortion does not kill a living thinking or sentient being, just the cells. Without the brain it is not a baby but simply the genetic material of one. This genetic material does not make a baby though, a brain makes a baby. Abortion is just the last possible response to preventing another being from being born, the first being not raping every single women you can find, another being wearing a condom or using spermicide. None of these methods kill a baby, they just kill cells which die constantly anyway. Once a baby has a brain though it has become its own person, not simply a mixing pot of D.N.A. All of my morale values and logic say abortion is not murder, simply the last hope to not create a being that has no one ready to care for it.

  • Women Should Make Their Own Choices

    It is legal to not have a baby by using a condom, but then how ischoosing to not give birth from an abortion is condidered unethical and wrong? When a woman gets an abortion, they do not yank out a twitching fetus, but they just suck out a small clump of cells that is not even a baby yet. Yes, it is wrong to have an abortion right before it would be born, but choosing to not have a baby by abortion is perfectly reasonable. What if the woman is not healthy enough to give birth, and would die in childbirth? What if the baby would be stillborn? These are all questions that you have to consider when you try to outlaw abortions.

  • I think it should be the woman's choice

    Women should be allowed to choose whether they want to keep a child or not. I'm not saying for people to have sex willy- nilly and then get rid of the evidence, I'm saying that if a woman doesn't want to bring a child into this world for some reason the she should have options. Maybe she was raped and some how got pregnant. She should be able to do what she wants. Would you want to bring a rapists child into this world? What if a woman is economically unable to carry the child and take care of it. I would rather have my child gone than give it up for adoption and having it in foster care or orphanages for who know how long. To me abortion is a safe, human choice.

  • Abortion isn't murder!

    The biggest mistake that people who are pro-life make is by saying the cells in the womb is a baby. It is a zygote. Besides, the zygote can't feel pain in the womb until 27 weeks into the pregnancy. AKA the third trimester. TRI-mester. Basically at 6 months and 3 weeks then the fetus is barely developed enough to feel pain. Most likely, if an abortion is being performed then, it is to save the live of the mother. So i think abortion should be legal.

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