• If you get pregnant, it's your fault.

    Thing is, if you're out getting screwed everyday and then you take a pregnancy test to see if you're pregnant and it's positive, then that's your fault and you need to take responsibility because killing a embryo just because you don't want to accept the responsibility is pathetic and sad, if you don't want a child then stop selling your body and have a child with a man you actually love.

  • There is nothing

    As abhorrent as abortion. It is murder of the innocent by those most intimately entrusted to protect and nurture the unborn child. There is never a time that murder should be accepted and that is precisely what abortion is: murder.

    So just consider that in the US alone 1 million people are being slaughtered every year.

  • The alternative isn't all roses.

    In a world where abortion is illegal, unwanted children (not to mention the dead babies to be found in dumpsters, public toilets, on the silverware of cannibals- think about that Pro-Life) flood the streets having been discarded by their unwilling financially challenged, teenage parents, as government and private foster care facilities are packed to the brim, and amongst them, roaming amidst the hallowed faces of spoiled, uneducated, ill disciplined, antisocial children of deficient intelligent, growing up to pursue and feed a culture of drugs, more sex and violence, and thus the vicious cycle continues, and fiscal spending on normalizing their lives increases with little effectiveness; rape victims are forced to further undergo tremendous psychological trauma by bearing the very personification of their ordeal nine months later- once more, something of the rapist finds its way into the vagina; food, land, public facilities, private facilities will become more scarce than it is now, as the global population balloons to unprecedented proportions, leading to a whole thing of problems- limited clean portable water, adequate housing with basic amenities, chemical free foods, the seats in schools/ineffective teacher to student ratio, public space, etc.; imbalance in the racial pie (lack of education and instilled discipline have shown to have a negative correlation with birthrates) (expanding on the first bit), resulting in deeper racial factional segregation, fueling future disputes that could turn uglier than a diced-sliced fetus; unhappy people who are burdened with taking care of their accidental children will submit themselves to vices, that will be replicated by their children, and their children...Only to be a burden on public spending (because they likely can't afford private resources), denying budgetary considerations to more needy aspects of the economy- the balance of quality and quantity will be shattered, and soon, all you will have is quantity.

    In a world that abortion is legal (wait, this sounds very familiar...I wonder why...), things would pretty be as it is today- the population is still rising (no worries about us going extinct by committing feticide, though it will likely be a world where Caucasians will become the minority), women are having more sex because the media has sensitized women of the whole abortion thing and it is not so much a stigma anymore, people (except anti-abortionists) are mostly happy to have the option to mince a fetus available in respect to their own lives, which benefits the society- also, a child may turn out to be either a Hitler, or fingers crossed, a Ghandi sort; but a a chance is a chance, especially when all you need is 1 out of 7.1 billion people existing to learn from Hitler's mistakes (thank you history lessons)- so more is kind of a bad thing (granted this is quite far fetched) .

    Change bad (could be good, but it's hard to see how); no change, good- people have no inherent rights to their bodies; heard of slavery, of forced confinement? War?), it's just a whole lot worse than to just okay it.

  • Your Body Your Right

    I personally believe an embryo is no a human-being until it is passed out of the body and into the world. Therefore as an embryo it is attached and is part of your body and so you should have the right to terminate it.
    I do believe that there should be a lot of support for women considering this option that explains the facts and other options they can chose to go through with e.g. adoption.

  • They should not force you to give birth

    If you are a woman then it is your right to decide if you want to give birth or not. It is stupid that there even needs to be a discusion about this. Because it again is your body as a woman therefor it is your right to get a abortion or not

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