Should abortion be such a prominent campaign issue?

  • Yes.

    It doesn't matter if you're pro-life or pro-choice; abortion is an important issue. If the pro-life side is correct, we have murdered over 50 million innocent lives. If the pro-choice side is correct, we have been depriving women of an important right that threatens to be taken away again. The stakes are high no matter what side you're on; abortion is an important issue.

  • No abortion should have less focus as a campaign issue

    I think every voter has a right to know their candidates views on abortion. But I personally feel that social issues like abortion and gay marriage receive far, far too much press when more important issues that affect all of us, like the fiscal cliff, national security issues, immigration and even healthcare, get far less press. For me, social issues are a distant second to the tough managerial decisions that need to be made to govern.

  • It's impotant, but not that important

    Abortion is an important issue, but so is the economy, health care, terrorism, and many other issues. I'd argue that those issues are, for the average person, much more important than abortion. Abortion gets a disproportionate amount of attention because it's so polarizing and has been a contentious debate forever; it's unfortunate, because I think it takes attention away from other relevant issues.

  • No, this issue was settled with Roe v Wade

    I do not feel that abortion should be such a prominent campaign issue in 2012 because the issue has long been settled since the Supreme Court ruled on Roe v Wade. The fact that abortion seems to be one of the prominent issues each election seems somewhat ridiculous, considering the many difficult problems that the United States faces.

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