Should Abortion Be Unconditionally Legal (Yes), Conditionally Legal, Or Illegal (No)?

Asked by: Skams
  • The babies life if the woman chooses

    The life of a person should not be broken because of a mistake, A raping or worse. Why would the government cause the pain and suffrage of another human being for something that would not be loved, For one reason or another? The life of yet another person on this earth is only to increase the global problems that grossly overpopulated plant has been forced into. Most of the time a child be aborted would die early anyway why are causing the pain of women for yet another prolonged terrible life. Abortion should not be illegal and its the women's choice, Not ours.

  • Whether or not someone wants to have a baby is their own choice to make.

    Similarly, If someone is already pregnant and suddenly decides that she no longer wants to have a baby, Why shouldn't she be allowed to have an abortion? Would you rather let the woman and her husband live miserably because it's another "human being's life"?

    Moreover, It's hypocritical to say that abortion should be illegal when the general population supports practices that devalues the lives of other organisms. People eat beef all the time, Yet it's not like everyone thinks about cows being confined in small, Dirty enclosures waiting to die just so humans can have steak for dinner. If you truly cared about equal rights and the lives of others, You wouldn't do such things.

  • No, Abortion should only be legal in some specific cases.

    Whether or not you think abortion is a crime or not, You have to agree that if a woman’s life is at risk, They should be given the right to a safe abortion. Then, There’s rape. I can guarantee that if you were raped and impregnated by a rapist you would NOT want to raise their child, And if your a guy, I can guarantee that you would never want to be a rape baby.

    Now we jump into more debatable territory; during the first trimester the fetus will begin development of vital organs, The spine, Muscles, White blood cells, Arms, Legs, Hands, Toes and later on the heart will beat for the first time. Anytime before the baby’s heart beats a woman should have the right to a safe abortion. I can understand condoms breaking and I definitely wouldn’t want to be an accident. After the first heart beat, I don’t think abortion should be legal from beyond this point.

  • Under 1 condition

    I believe it should be illegal, For the baby doesn't have a choice, I do believe that, Though I hate myself for saying it, If they baby is young enough that it can't feel pain, Then yes MAYBE abortion is morally ok, I STILL DISAGREE THOUGH, And if you do it I think you are scum.

  • No abortion should never be unconditionally legal.

    No matter how much of a mess the situation of the mother is(no money, No place to live, No. . . )even if she got raped, Killing the baby is not a solution. Instead of looking at the
    negative side, Start Shifting your focus into the postive side, Go get a job
    , Meet people who can help you with the baby, Start thinking about ways for making money(legally and ethically) and above all,
    cherish and thank god you have a child in your stomach.

  • 14th Amendment says it clear.

    ";nor shall any state deprive any person of life, Liberty, Or property, Without due process of law;"

    Just because the baby lives within you, Doesn't make it any less of an individual. All humans have the right to Life, Liberty, And The Pursuit of Happiness, Regardless of anything. The end

  • In some cases.

    In the case of rape, Including statutory, It should be an option. It should also be an option if the mothers life is put in extreme danger.
    I find, One of the biggest issues with society is the lack of accountability. People are all to quick to blame others for things they messed up. In this case, They put them selves in a position where they knew they could get pregnant but instead of being responsible for their actions, They wish to shift the blame to the baby/fetus and force it to pay for it with their lives.
    I have an idea for a better option but I doubt it would be implemented.

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