• Of course, unless opposition is really about controlling sexual morals.

    I feel most anti-abortion sentiment is really about sexual morality and not so much about the unborn "person's" right to life. A true right to life proponent would deny abortion even in cases of rape or incestuous molestation.
    Most abortion opponents feel a woman's choice should be confined to choosing to keep her knees together.
    Data overwhelmingly shows sex education and easy, affordable (which means free or subsidized for many) and private access to birth control reduces abortion the most. Therefore, if it's truly abortion one opposes, supporting contraception would be automatic.

  • I'm pro life and I am

    A way to prevent abortions is to prevent unwanted pregnancies and a way to prevent unwanted pregnancies is to teach people about condoms and other Types of birth control. I believe the pro life movement and birth control to hand in hand. I also believe in pro life centers that help women who are pregnant find jobs and homes or get families who will raise the child. Some even give women a place to If of they are to poor.

  • By the numbers

    In 2006, family planning services, which include provisions for contraceptives and associated services, helped 1.94 million women avoid unintended pregnancy that would have otherwise resulted in 860,000 unintended births and 810,000 abortions (i.E. Statistics projected from data that was gathered the preceding year) --- for related population data visit Guttmacher Institute

  • Unfertilized ovum aren't distinct human beings yet

    An unfertilized egg is not a separate human being yet being made up of entirely the woman's DNA so the human life issue doesn't come up as there isn't a separate human life yet. Since that is the case it is akin to blood cells and skin cells and it is her business what she does with it. That changes with pregnancy as their is a separate human being then.

  • Yes, they can't have an outcome without a solution.

    If they want fewer abortions in this world, make having a baby easier for a low-income single mom or family. Also, provide better education and free access to birth control to possibly stop a pregnancy before it starts. Otherwise, abortions will continue.

    Canada has a lower rate of abortion than the US, and abortions are part of free healthcare there. Why is this so? Because they also pay for birth control, and they also pay for prenatal visits, and they also pay for the babies once they're born.

    If they think that this makes things too easy for low-income single moms or family, to subsidize their indiscriminate breeding, then they aren't really interested in lowering the abortion rate.

  • Yes, only makes sense

    Opposing abortion without supporting contraception in my opinion is a fallacy. If you are going to take abortion away as an option then making prevention of the pregnancy in the first place should be supported without a question.
    There will definitely be a lot less need for abortions if contraceptive use are encouraged especially amongst teenagers.

  • Yes, they go together!

    People who are against abortion, should not be against contraception. Contraception will result in less pregnancies, and less abortions. Religious beliefs have a lot to do with abortion and contraception. People look at each individual issue and not at the full picture of how life is created. They want to say that both are wrong, but contraception will reduce the amount of abortions!

  • Yes, they should.

    If we want fewer abortions in this country, then we need easier access to birth control for women. So, if you are against abortion, you should be for preventing unwanted pregnancies, it's common sense! Abstaining is a nice idea, but is unrealistic. People should be educated about, and have access to, as many forms of birth control as possible.

  • Yes, They Should

    Contraception prevents unwanted pregnancies, and unwanted pregnancies are the reason for abortion. I think people who oppose abortion need to decide if preventing abortion is truly their main goal and if it is, they should embrace contraception wholeheartedly. There really isn't a realistic way to oppose both and expect that your goals will be reached.

  • No to Both

    Abortion is a denial of an entire person, namely murder.
    Contraception is a denial of an intimate part of a woman, her reproductive system. Contraception is withholding when sexual intercourse should be all-giving.

    When you have a heart that is denying children altogether, that would render sex sterile, then Abortion is at the end of that road. Abortion becomes back-up birth control.
    No to both, because both are wrong.

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