Should abortions based on race be made illegal?

Asked by: ChrisSouthey
  • Any reason is a bad reason.

    I am pro life. I feel that abortion should be illegal period. Abortion is the murder of a human being. I feel killing based off of race is so racist, and evil. It's already bad enough that you are a baby murderer. Now you are a racist baby murderer? If it couldnt get any more worse lol

  • Legal for all.

    If anything, giving birth should be regulated.
    -Given the present rate of population increase around the world, it is obvious that some day this planet will no longer be able to support human life. If we look at some countries, they are already experiencing the effects of overpopulation as their country does not have adequate space to grow food. This is why so many countries import crops and why others have placed laws to control population growth. So far, the U.S. does not have this problem but who knows for how long. Either way, it would be inevitable for us unless we can take steps to prevent it from ever happening. Seeing that we can't really increase the amount of land space available effectively, our only option would be to reduce the amount of food we need by controlling population.
    My idea would be to implant everyone with a device such as an IUD to prevent pregnancy. If someone wants to have a child, they can apply for permission to have the device temporarily neutralized or removed. If the parent qualifies to be a parent, their name is put on a list of candidates. Each month, a limited number of qualified parents are selected from that list based on the number of deaths for the prior month. Once given permission, they can have the device neutralized till after they give birth to a live baby. Then the device is returned to it's prior condition.
    There would be good reason for people who may be denied. It would not be because of race or other such reasons but based on things that would help determine being a fit parent. For instance, a criminal past, ability to financially support the child, and age would be factors.
    Measures such as these would help insure that and future babies born have a fair chance at having a higher quality of life when they grow up. I would put an end to unplanned pregnancy so pretty much eliminated abortions. The only reason why some may take place are for reasons like unforeseen medical complications that can risk the life of the mother.
    Until a program like that exists, I am all for any way to prevent overpopulation as long as it is not based on prejudice.


  • Voting yes will expose your heart

    If you vote yes, you are voting that the fetus is a human being, with rights and equal status. This means that if you are to vote yes, you would logically also vote yes to make ALL abortions illegal. To say yes to this question and no to most other abortion cases, will make you guilty of double standards. But for many this will not be a problem as they do not believe in absolute truth and will make different rules up for different situations as it suites them. The only problem is that if it affects them personally, nobody is allowed to change the rules.

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