• Abortion is murder

    Abortion should be illegal in this country and it would be easier if not for Roe V Wade. Abortion is clearly murder as one is killing a future human being. Unless that baby won't make it or will kill both the mother and baby it should be totally illegal. Numerous studies and research have shown that fetuses can think and feel pain. Why should a innocent baby pay the price for a mother's poor life decision. If we are moral rational human beings we would ban abortions and keep all life sacred.

  • It will happen anyways; make sure it can happen safely.

    I think it should not be illegal to have an abortion.

    Whether it is murder or not is debatable. True, an embryo has a heartbeat, and is alive at the moment of conception.
    Even then, you don't know everyone's story. Maybe the mother was raped, and is not in the position to take care of a child. Or, she is very poor, and can barely support herself, let alone another human being. Or, it may happen like in the case of my aunt.
    Her first child was diagnosed with a rare disease. The details escape me, but what I do remember was that he was born with this disease, and that it was uncurable. The child died before his first birthday.
    Her and her husband were devastated. When she became pregnant again, the doctors discovered that this baby too had the same disease. Although it was heartbreaking, they aborted the baby. Because it is easier to give up an unborn fetus than a living, breathing baby.

    Sometimes we focus too much on the unborn that we fail to fight for the lives of those who are already living. If your argument is that you are killing children, remember that young children die every day, of starvation, neglect, and abuse and with these children there is no doubt that they feel the pain. Also, think about the mothers. Birth is a painful experience, and it is hard to deal, especially when you have no interest in being a mother.

    No matter what the argument is, my main reason boils down to this: whether it is illegal or not, it's gonna happen anyways.

    When the US government banned alcohol, it was still consumed. People still do drugs even though it is illegal. If abortions are made illegal, they will still happen, but it will be unsafe, and put the mother at an even higher risk of death. Unsterilized needles will be used, and abortions may happen later in the pregnancy, to the point that the baby would suffer badly. We really don't want to see women getting abortions in back alleyways.

    Even though abortion is not ideal, it is necessary to be an option. Only you can know what you need to do with your body, and we need to respect the decisions of women, especially when they are in a different situation then we are.

  • Babies have souls

    Sure, it is the parents decision, but what about the person inside the womb? It isn't their fault they were made, just for their life to be taken away again, never seeing light again. Don't just focus on the poor would-be mom, but the amazing creation of life inside them

  • Yes and No

    Abortion is morally wrong. I think that if a woman chooses to have sex and gets pregnant, then that was her choice. Then she can't have an abortion. If she doesn't want the kid after its born, then give it up for adoption. However, if the pregnancy is risking the woman's life or she was raped, then she should have the choice of having an abortion or not.

  • I heard my sons heartbeat at 5 weeks

    I remember hearing my son's heartbeat pounding quickly and quite audibly through the stethoscope that our doctor held to my wife's stomach. We had found out she was pregnant just 2 weeks after we got married!
    That was over 19 years ago. Our oldest child is now an 18 year old senior in high school. He stands 6 ft 4 inches tall. He is a football player. He is a great kid. I love him with all my heart. I loved him the moment my wife showed me the positive pregnancy test.

  • This isn't right....

    I think this should be illegal, because your killing something before its given a chance to live. Who knows if it could be the next Einstein or Beyonce or something much more than anything we've ever known. Were giving up on it, not giving it any chance to live its precious life. That baby deserves to live a life. It shouldn't be killed before it gets a chance to live.

  • Abortion is the killing of a human being, which defies the word of God.

    Abortions are murder in the eyes of god and should be put to a stop. To take an innocent soul is cruel and evil. If women become pregnant, they should accept the responsibility that comes with producing a child. The decision in Roe v. Wade was wrong and should be overturned.

  • Abolition is inevitable

    The right to life is the right out of which all other right emanate. Anti-abolitionists can delay the abolition process, but history shows that they cannot stop it. Dehumanisation politics do not hold water and eventually crumble. 'Safe, legal and rare' was also used by the 19th century abolitionists. Whilst it's true that the abolition of slavery did not end slavery, you'd be hard-pressed to find anyone who believes it should be legalised. The same applies (or will apply) to abortion which is, by another name, the death penalty.

  • Respect ALL Life

    Now I have quite a few facts on my side that focus mainly on the religious aspect of this issue, but seeing as how so many people take "offense" when it is brought up I decided to go with plain factual science.

    Studies show that the sense of touch in an unborn child is so acute that if a single human hair is drawn across an unborn baby’s palm, it causes it to make a fist.
    Studies also show that when surgeons enter the womb to perform “corrective procedures” on these unborn children, they've witnessed the babies flinch, jerk, and recoil from the sharp objects and incisions. So there are the facts that disprove the whole “they can’t feel pain” opinion.
    The Greeks and Romans were the first to advance a theory of sensation, the idea that the brain and nervous system have a role in producing the perception of pain. If a woman does not wish to be pregnant, then she should take the necessary precautions to prevent that, a.K.A. Not having sex.
    Abortion is the brutal murder of an innocent human being and yes, our government has a duty to prevent crimes like that.

    And people often debate what constitutes as life. How is the state of life ambiguous? Cells are living things aren't they? Zygotes are cells which means they’re alive, right? That blastocyst (which is basically a ball of cells) is alive because cells are alive. Fetuses are already alive at the moment of conception.

    That earliest point to have an abortion is five to six weeks. Week 5 starts the "embryonic period." This is when all the baby's major systems and structures develop.
    During the five to six week period is when blood cells, kidney cells, and nerve cells develop. The external features begin to form and so does the brain, spinal cord, heart, and gastrointestinal tract.
    At 43 days (6 weeks, 1 day) electrical brain wave patterns can be recorded. This is ample evidence that “thinking” is taking place inside the brain.
    At 42 days, the skeleton is complete and reflexes are present.
    During that whole sixth-seventh week the following happens: Arm and leg buds start to grow. Your baby's brain forms into five different areas. Some cranial nerves are visible. Eyes and ears begin to form. Tissue grows that will become your baby's spine and other bones. Baby's heart continues to grow and now beats at a regular rhythm. Blood pumps through the main vessels.

    If this does not make you believe that there is life inside the mother's womb, then I simply do not know what to tell you. If you do accept that there is life there, yet still wish to terminate it, then that is simply sickening.

    Personally, I hope and pray that someday this world will come to its senses and abolish the criminal act of abortion.

  • Roe vs Wade

    I am a die hard conservative and I believe the laws we have now are as good as it going to get. You can't tell women what to do with their bodies, and we can't be like Tiller the baby killer, and abort fully formed fetuses. Also, maybe some people have forgotten, do you really want to see women getting abortions in back alleys?

  • Oh hell no!!!

    That is crazy!!! Abortions should not be abolished!!! If a woman wants to abort a fetus, she should by all means be allowed to do just that. You people are bringing religion into this and that is stupid. I respect religion (although lately with everything Greg Abbott and Dan Patrick are doing im starting to get annoyed by republicans bringing religion into everything) but i dont think it should be brought into arguments like these.

    Sincerely 9 year old anonymous

  • Abortion abolition would violate autonomy.

    The basic premise of my argument is autonomy. All adults have the right to make decisions for their own body completely on their own. Provided they are educated on the medical procedure in completely scientific terms, all adults have the right to exercise complete control over their body. No one has the right to decide whether or not a woman can have an abortion, except for herself. If a woman does not wish to be pregnant, for any reason whatsoever, she has the right to have an abortion. The issue of the government controlling abortions is completely separate from the issue of whether abortions, in and of themselves are moral. The fact is, if the state exercises control over the body of a citizen, without the justification of protecting someone else, it is violating their universal rights to liberty and autonomy. I understand that this brings up the point that many supporters make; that the fetus has a right to life and the government has a duty to protect that. First of all, the definition of what constitutes being alive is very ambiguous. Maybe a fetus does have some right to life, or possibly to become alive. However, given that they (probably) have no emotions, thoughts, or feelings, I think that we must value the autonomy of a fully sentient, adult human above the potential right to life of a fetus.

  • Women have control over their own body

    The body does not belong to the lawmaker. And incident do happen. So the women should have the final say. And these days having a child is expensive, even if you are putting it up for adoption. Many maternity leave does not pay you a salary, so if the women need the money to live, she should give a chance to abort the baby. Specially teenage and single mother, being pregnant can affect the person education and further career. So why should the girls and women be giving a chance to decided. I am a non religious person, so I am saying that before the child is born, aborted does not count as killing a person. The time periods I am saying is before 6 month, but after it might be consider murdering.

  • It's not your body

    You have no right to tell a woman (or man) what she or he can do with their body. A person could have a variety of reasons they would not want to have a child, be that financial, family, unwilling pregnancy, accidental pregnancy, a huge variety of reasons.

    The fetus isn't a human yet. It has no life at that point, and is a cluster of cells inside the womb. Sure, there's religious stud you can argue, but religion should NEVER dictate laws.

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