Should abortions be free for victims of rape?

Asked by: DreadJoker
  • Abortion should be free regardless of circumstance.

    If someone believes that they cannot raise a child, they should have the option to remove that developing fetus from their body. I would rather have the child aborted than risk the families entire financial future. When people live in poverty, their risk of criminal activity increases. The same goes for the child. Before anyone brings it up, having free abortions won't suddenly drive hundreds of thousands of women to give up birth control measures so they can have an abortion. Abortions are not healthy procedures for the mother, and they are only recommended as a last resort.

  • The rapist should pay for it since they caused it.

    If the rapist had no money at all(or not enough to pay for an abortion) then the rapist will give what he has and the government should pay the rest. Only if the rapist has not enough or no money then the government should help. It's not fair if the mother has to pay for something that was caused by a dramatic tragedy she didn't want.

  • Due to incidence, yes:

    Considering a very low number of rapes end in pregnancy absolutely. However this brings up the issue of proof of rape so you're going to have a hard time keeping freeloaders off this system. It's very cheap for the State anyway considering real incidence numbers. It is questionable if The State however has the authority to make this decision regardless of it's citizenry and their outlook on the matter.

  • Of Course, It Is The Only Just Approach, Though If The Rapist Is Caught, Then He Should Pay All Costs:

    Yes, the victim should not have to go through months of torture because they were raped, that is like putting salt on the wounds of an unprovoked stabbing victim. They have been through enough pain and extreme fear of being murdered, then to have to bear the perpetrator's child for nine months, is way too cruel. To not make the abortion free is inhumane. To stop them having the abortion is ludicrously and asininely Cruel.

  • That's not how it works

    The Government does not fiscally cover crimes committed against its citizens. The Fed will not replace your stolen car, will not pay the medical bills for an assault victim's broken arm, and will not pay out life insurance for homicidees. Similarly, the Government cannot, and will not, pay for the abortion of a rape victim. Abortion should be paid for under health insurance, but one should not be offered free because the request comes from the victim of a crime.

  • You can't give to one and not the other

    If you make it free for rape victims by default then you would have to make it free for everyone else. Plus it allows any woman that gets pregnant to claim rape whether they were or not and get off the hook. Plus by that logic the families of murder victims should be compensated for their loss. But that is illogical the state will not and can not pay for that. That's why the option of life insurance exists. I feel if anything life insurance should include abortions.

  • Only if bringing a child to delivery is made free

    If we make all the medical expenses related to bringing a child to delivery free then we can make abortion free. Otherwise you're basically telling poor women they should all get abortions and that isn't fair. And while abortion should be allowed it shouldn't be encouraged so even then I'd support making free for rape victims (only once it's also free for them to get medical treatment related to having the baby if that's what they choose) but not other women.

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Jikpamu says2014-07-13T19:57:31.617
Jikpamu VOMITS!!! @ your opinion poll DreadJoker. Punish the rapist-throw them in prison and give all their assets to the woman raped but DON'T punish the baby. Life is not always fair (certainly wasn't for me)-put the baby once born up for adoption.

And another thing-don't use rape as a justification for the 98% of other abortions that happen out of convenience. Even if you had a case to kill a child in the case of rape you do not in the case of convenience. Focusing in on rape is not how to properly address 55 Million Slaughtered babies since 1973.