• Yes I do.

    I do do believe in this but i also believe that because we the people of the united states a country of freedom well never be able to get the ability to have the choice of no abortion. I do however do believe that men will have the choice of a say or right in the say of their child living. I believe that pro life people will be able to vote for men to choose just as much as women do. Maybe that way there won't be so many people/babies dying.

  • Abortion SHOULD be illegal because it is, essentially, the murder of innocent children.

    Many people say that abortion should be legal because it's the woman's body and therefore her choice, or that the child in the womb is not yet a person. Well, these people are wrong. The child forming in the womb is it's own, separate body, it is an individual, with a heart and lungs and a brain. No, it cannot yet think or process information, but neither does a newborn, and it CAN feel pain. Abortion is just plain wrong, it's nothing short of murder, and should most definitely be made illegal.

  • Yes, under most circumstances.

    Abortion should be illegal under all circumstances that are not rape, incest, life of the mother or if the child would be born with debilitating deformities. The unborn child is a living human being. To say that it's still a woman's so-called right to kill it is echoing the same basic line of thought used by people such as Jefferson Davis (President of the Confederate States), George Wallace (Segregationist Governor of Alabama), The Klu Klux Klan and Adolf Hitler. They all maintained that one human is inherently superior to another. The Liberals just sugarcoat this same exact message, disguising it as "Reproductive rights".

  • Under Certain Conditions

    A female who has been impregnated with the baby of the person who had raped should have the right to have an abortion. People get the idea that its like murder, but they are killing the child before it can even feel. Its quick just like if you put down an animal.

  • Abortion is murder

    People need to take responsibility for their own actions. If you choose to have sex then you are at the risk of becoming pregnant, if you do you are them responsible for the life that you have created.

    Scientist can't determine at what point the baby become human, it may be from the moment of conception. Until we can prove otherwise them we are taking a human life.

  • No it shouldn't

    I do believe abortion is not the right answer. I do believe abortion is not right. But I also don't think it should be illegal. People make mistakes in their life, everyone does, but what if you're poor and you won't be able to take care of a child ? What if you're a teenager with a great future ahead of you and you end up getting raped and pregnant ? What if you're a star athlete and your offered to play professionally and you get raped or you make a mistake and get pregnant? Sometimes in many situations having a child will ruin your life forever. So I don't think it should be illegal but instead I believe we need to educate people more in making better decisions.

  • Is Murder Legal?

    Since when is it okay to kill people? Human beings?

    "The fifth week of pregnancy, or the third week after conception, This is when the baby's brain, spinal cord, heart and other organs begin to form." http://www.Mayoclinic.Com/health/prenatal-care/PR00112

    It would not be okay with anyone if the child was born and the parents decided..Oh I don't want it, let's just kill it. The argument stating it's taking rights away from others. NO, it isn't. What right is it of yours to KILL a person? Because, let's all get real and face the facts, that's exactly what the embryo would turn into. Just because you're killing it prior to it's full "human" development doesn't make it any better.

  • My body, my right, my choice.

    I have the right to choose what to do with my body. I feel that pregnancy would be traumatic so I should not be forced to be pregnant. I will use contraception, but contraception can fail, so abortion should be available as a backup. Not your body? Not your choice.

  • The Right to Privacy isn't the only reason.

    First of all, the Supreme Court correctly determined that making abortion illegal was an infringement of a woman's Constitutional Right to Privacy.
    But more importantly, making abortion illegal just plain doesn't work- it doesn't stop abortions from occurring. 95% of the abortions in the world occur in nations where abortion is illegal. All banning abortion does is drive it underground, with facilities that are dangerous. Illegal abortion kills women- whether from unsanitary back-alley facilities, ill-trained practitioners, or attempts to induce an abortion themselves.
    Since nearly 70% of women who have abortions are living very close to or under the poverty line, it is absurd to think that making abortion illegal will somehow keep those desperate from having the procedure done.

  • Actually, I think the most important matter is whether or not the fetus can feel any pain.

    I think it truly is a testament to the dishonesty of man on how I can't seem to find the truth on that simple question. Because, on one side they argue that a fetus cannot feel pain, meanwhile the other they do. Seriously, why are the facts always at complete odds to each other?

    Truth be told though, I lean towards a no. Because the other side of the issue which argues that the fetus does feel pain, is represented by quite a few of the same majority that have done a lot to destroy any credibility they've ever had with me. Be it evolution, homosexuality, or basically any religious matter involving atheism.

    Really now, you'd think these people with an incredible moral complex would actually have a sense of some actual ethics to back it up. Oh well. Either way, my point is that the people just don't have any credibility. Oh, and if you've ever killed 10 animals for a fur coat for the sake of vanity or you continue to eat a hamburger simply because it tastes good, then you're probably in no place to judge people who support abortion. The reasons behind these two industries existing are purely for luxury and entertainment, meanwhile abortion, as questionable as it may be, at least happens to have some pragmatic reasons. Abortion isn't just a matter of woman's rights, but it also happens to be a way for us to have some legitimate control of the population.

  • Nothing More Than A Medical Procedure

    To even attempt to make abortion illegal in the United States of America is just ridiculous. Last time I checked, America was composed of many different people from many different cultural and religious backgrounds. A certain religion may find abortion wrong, but that doesn't mean everybody finds it to be wrong. To pass a law to please a religious background in a country composed of many religious backgrounds is unacceptable and unfair. It's not only religion, either. There are many circumstances where abortion comes into play. Rape, post-birth fatality of the mother, and knowing that the child in the womb will have a mental disorder are many reasons why abortion has come in handy. Some people see it as murder, I see it as the removal of a mast of cells from a woman's uterus.

  • It's the woman's choice; not the government

    If woman doesn't want a child, she shouldn't be obliged to have that child. I think it's as plain and simple as that. If you force a woman to have a child she does not want, that baby is more likely to grow up making poorer decisions than lets say a family who wants and is ready for a baby. Basically, no matter what, we live in a free state. How can you begin to take away a woman's rights?

  • No, laws have never solved a problem.

    Telling a pregnant woman that wishes an abortion that she isn't allowed to have it is firstly false, and secondly cruel. My taking a piece of paper and writing "Abortions are illegal" and later making them 'official', whatever that means doesn't make it a law. You take a garden hose and spray water over your head, you're going to get wet. Every time. That is a law. Secondly, when a woman asks for an abort, it is with good reason. Saying that abortion is murder is absolutely true, but that rarely seems to prevent us from starting a war or stepping on an anthill. It is simple human behaviourism, and getting it's way with invalid 'laws' is plain moronic.

  • They Are (Sometimes) Needed

    Abortions are a bad thing, and I would not want anyone to have to get one. Adoption is a much better choice if you don't want the baby, but that isn't the governments choice to make. Abortion is needed in cases where the mothers life is at risk. I also believe abortion should be allowed in cases of rape or when the baby is severely disabled, to the point where they are likely to die or live life as a human vegetable. While I do not think abortion is the right choice in any other scenario, I do not think anyone except the mother should make the final decision when it comes to their personal situation.

  • If you were raped or were a victim of incest would you want to have that baby?

    It wasn't your fault yet you are now responsible for a life you cannot take care of, for the next 18 years at least.

    The idea that abortion is always wrong, is a generalized statement. It is worse to bring an illegitimate child in the world. A child that KNOWS he was never wanted, would hate living in this world. A world where his mom and dad wish he didn't exist, or had him on accident. A woman has to go through a difficult unwanted pregnancy, and now must support her kid. But what is she is poor, barely has a job etc...? She is having a kid who will have a tough horrible life, a life that isn't worth living. It is better to have a kid when the time is right, and when you are able to support him, want him, and love him.

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