• There's nothing wrong with it.

    I believe abortion is okay. The world is way too overpopulated at this point and soon or later, we will run out of natural resources because they will be all used up. Forcing a woman to carry a child is cruel and is not okay because you're not gonna be a part of the child's life, so why should you get to make the decisions? And chances are, they will abuse the heck out of that child. The time abortion is bad, is if women take it for granted and have multiple continuous abortions just because. They were stupid enough not to use protection.

  • In some cases

    I am against abortion but on certain grounds i believe it is acceptable. Such as if the pregnancy threatens the life of the mother or if the baby is do badly disabled it would only live for a short period of time. Rape is a difficult one but i think that the woman should have the baby but if she does not want it, she should give it up for adoption. Other cases such as having sex with you boyfriend at a bad time ending up in an unexpected pregnancy i think is unacceptable because YOU put yourself in that situation- not the baby. The baby is innocent and you're making it pay for your mistakes.

    But i think that some extreme pro lives need to understand why a woman would want to have an abortion. She might not be able to support the baby or maybe she is just scared of childbirth or the pain of carrying the child. They should not condemn them but rather convince them nicely and gently on why they should not have an abortion in these situations. That is my view

  • Yes they should

    I think that abortions should be legal. It is a person's right to have one if they chose to do so. There are already so many unwanted children in the world, it would be a shame to bring in more and to have them potentially live a hard life. If you don't like abortion, don't have one.

  • Abortion Is Personal

    I believe that abortion should be legal, because it is really a personal option and it should have never been turned into a political topic. There are too many people in this world for everyone to agree on this topic and what a person does with their body and their life, truly shouldn't be judged by other people.

  • Abortions should be legal.

    A woman's right to choose should be protected by the law. Abortions are legal in most places because people have recognized this fact. It is unfair to allow a small religious minority force their antiquated rules over the rest of society. Although abortions are not the optimal course, every woman should be able to choose what to do with her own body.

  • Abortions should be legal

    Abortions should be legal. This is because of the fact that the woman has a right to do whatever she wants with her body. She has the right to abort a fetus that has been scientifically proven to be void of life because it is her body and her choice to do so.

  • Abortions should be legal.

    Abortions should be legal. What about the women that are rapped? They should be allowed to get an abortion as soon as possible. I think that women should be allowed to decide for themselves if an abortion is needed and it should only be between them and their families. I think it is wrong for us to judge them.

  • It's absolutely disgusting that some women still don't have this right

    I don't have enough space or time to explain how strongly I feel about this, or to give the countless arguments in favour of abortion. All I will say is that the ONLY instance where abortion is unacceptable is when it is used as a form of contraception (so when people have unprotected sex with the idea that if the woman gets pregnant she can just have an abortion). This is just pure laziness and is totally unnecessary. Nowadays there are plenty of reliable forms of contraception out there (condoms, the pill, the implant etc.)- use them. Other than that, a woman's body is her own business and no-one has the right to say what she can or cannot do with it.

  • No one else can judge

    No one knows the circumstances of conception, the state of mind or the financial welfare of woman who gets pregnant accidentally. While I do not believe abortion should be used as a common contraceptive tool, it should most definitely be legal. The trauma of being forced to carry and give birth to an unwanted baby could be devastating for both mother and unborn child, and it's well known that outlawing abortion does not stop it, it just forces women to go to dodgy clinics where there life is at risk and unethical abortion practices may be used.

  • I think there should be restrictions.

    I am against abortion, but I think in some circumstances it should be allowed. If someone is having sex, and gets pregnant and aren't ready for the baby, then why are they having sex? The purpose of it is to make a baby, so if someone isn't ready for that responsibility, then I don't think they're ready for sex. Abortion isn't right, and I know that not everyone agrees with me, but I just don't think it's right. In some circumstances like rape, it is understandable that someone would want to get rid of that baby. Just the thought of having a baby inside of you is scary, but if you know it is the baby of a man that raped you could haunt them and make them terrified. I think in that situation it's okay, but I don't think that just anyone should be able to go and get an abortion. People who have sex are aware of what it is for, and they make the choice to take the risk. It was their decision, and it really isn't fair that the baby doesn't get a chance to live.

  • No, if you do not want a child you should've used contraception

    The idea that it is a 'woman's body' is wrong as it is the child's body, I do agree it would be acceptable if the fetus was only a few cells and nothing more but at a certain point it is a breach of the fetus' rights to life as it becomes a human being, contraception should be used with great care if you do not want a baby, it shouldn't have to come to abortion due to carelessness.
    I understand the plight of rape victims however the chances of impregnation via rape are unlikely due to the period of fertility and the trauma caused. If you are a catholic and are opposed to contraception, you must also be opposed to abortion as it is the official stance of the catholic church and so opposition to contraception (for catholics at least) is not an excuse for abortion.

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