Should abortions be legal throughout the U.S?

Asked by: 66Piez
  • I don't like abortion but...

    So I'm not a huge supporter of abortion in theory. Stopping a life from existing when its already in the works seems problematic legally if not morally. However there are so many issues surrounding abortion, like sex ed and wage gaps and quality of life issues, that to make abortion illegal across the board would be insane. If i had more faith in how life works, I would say that there should be a sort of application process where the mother (and father maybe) have to meet certain qualifications in order to go through with an abortion. Unfortunately, every time there qualifications and road blocks, there is inevitably someone who should get something but can't because of beurocracy or because no one thought of some situation that happened.

    And the consequence of abolishing abortion is motherhood. That's kind of a big consequence to deal with. I mean, there are people who have been convicted of murdering someone who haven't gotten life sentences.

  • Yes they should

    It's not murder. A living being has to be able to breathe and be outside the womb according to law. And if the baby was born to an unwanted mother, do you really think that it will have a good life? What about rape victims, don't they get a say? Adoption is almost as bad because hardly anybody adopts and the baby will be likely to grow up in an orphanage. Obviously getting an abortion at five months can hurt the fetus, but that's why there's laws against that. So yes, abortion should be legal.

  • Yes they should

    Everyone should have the right to get a medical procedure done. If your religion is against it, you have no right to get into other peoples issues. Also, would you rather have someone abort the baby or have it be put on government welfare paid by taxes? I bet most of you would go with the first.

  • Keep it legal!

    Anyone should have the right to remove anything from their body, and people are included. Pregnant women are able to suffer; fetuses are not. Abortion prevents significant distress of being pregnant when one can't handle a pregnancy. What would be the be benefit of ensuring that everyone conceived is born?

  • I have a better solution!!!

    How about instead of having to get an abortion...All of these stupid people need to stop getting pregnant! I mean if you are going to have sex, wear a condom, take the pill, or just stop being a sloot. And yes it is murder, and yes a fetus can suffer. It is just inhumane in many ways and an abortion can be much worse for a womans body than a baby is.

  • Why would one get pregnant!

    I am sorry but the banning of abortion is not a religious struggle but rather a humane one. I love how women say that it is their body and their choice but in all actuality, the Fetus inside of them is not at all their body, it is an individual, with it's own beating heart and thoughts. To kill it, would be the equivalent of killing any other person with a beating heart, MURDER! If you are not able to take care of a child do not go around and have un-protected sexual intercourse. When people contest that a fetus is not a living thing they are wrong both by logic and science, you want to know who else officials thought weren't "people", the Jews in Socialist Germany, and the Slaves in our own nation. We need to stand up for unborn rights in the United States!

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