• Yes for the abortions.

    Having children can become a deal breaker for some relationships. Especially when one spouse feels left out and the other feels overwhelmed by raising the child without their spouses' support.
    But when you put a handicap into the mixture, it becomes even more complicated - especially considering all the costs associated with raising a handicapped child and the severity of the handicap. And as people age they tend to think about who will be raising their offspring when they die.
    And one has to wonder about the quality of life their child will have as they age.

    It's a personal choice and it all depends on the parent(s) financial status, and their mental & emotional maturity.

  • Abortions due to genetic abnormalities should be legal.

    In the current day and age, with advanced technology we are often able to predict when a child will have a genetic abnormality before it is born, in the early stages of pregnancy. A woman should have the right, whether the child is going to be genetically abnormal or not, to choose what happens to her own body. It is her body that is being used as nutrition for a child that she may potentially have to take care of for the rest of its' life because it won't be able to function on its' own.

  • It should be a woman's choice

    I am strongly pro-choice, so of course I believe that genetic abnormalities should be cause for an abortion if a woman chooses. I think it should always be the pregnant woman's choice whether or not she has an abortion. I do agree, though, that there should be some limitations on abortions after a certain gestational age.

  • Yes, these procedures should be legal.

    Abortion should be a personal choice between a woman and her doctor. However, politicians have made it their business to legislate many restrictions on the procedure which complicate the issue. In the case where there are genetic abnormalities that prevent a healthy and functioning baby to be born, then yes, there should be the right to terminate the pregnancy. Forcing women to have severely disabled children would place an undue hardship on many.

  • No, abortions due to genetic abnormalities should not be legal.

    No, abortions due to genetic abnormalities should not be legal. However, abortions in general should be legal. A mother should have a right to choose whether she wants a child or not. However, if she wants to get an abortion just so her child isn't born with a genetic abnormality, then she is doing it for the wrong reason. It's her right to choose, but for the right reasons.

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