• If abortions are banned,

    then we have to ban every other form of medical procedure in the book. No nose jobs, because nose jobs butcher an innocent nose. Noses are people too.
    And certainly no liposuction, because that's so super-duper dangerous and morally wrong. And no hair restoration for men, because that contradicts the natural balding process. Do you see how ridiculous that sounds? Abortions are here to stay, get used to it. If people are using it as a form of birth control, then they should be held accountable. But making it illegal under all circumstances is just taking it too freakin' far. You anti-choice people saying it's "murder" must have some kind of mild personality disorder. A fetus is a fetus, and a fully formed person is a person.

  • The government should not be involved.

    You cannot prevent citizens from doing this. It's not up to the government to decide if a woman should or should not be pregnant. It is ultimately woman's choice and burden to choose to have an abortion. Of course, I am not supportive of the actual abortion, but I am strongly against the government's involvement.

  • I think abortion is not murder, but rather a sometimes necessary medical procedure.

    Pregnancy and birth can be very dangerous if you're not ready for it, and parenthood is a massive undertaking that should not be entered into by mistake or forced upon anyone. Abortions are often called for in the case of rape to reduce the suffering of the victim, if the pregnancy is threatening the life of the mother, or if the fetus is known to have serious physical health issues and wouldn't survive outside the womb.

    Posted by: RuthlessFreddie29
  • It is the choice of the carrier.

    If your in a situation where you can't support a child and don't want to bring it into your world. Then you shouldn't have to. The unborn fetus shouldn't have to suffer due to your decisions in life. On the other hand if you've been sexually assaulted and become pregnant it is totally okay to have an abortion. But if you have the means to support a child then you shouldn't carry out the child and have it.

  • Protect our women

    An embryo or a fetus is not a child, at least not yet. But in that sense, a sperm has the potential to eventually make a child as well, after numerous months. It's just tissue with a genetic code in the beginning, can't even think. People will flinch at the idea of aborting the tissue, but not at the animal abuse of born thinking, and loving, animals in the meat industry? Ridiculous. Mistakes happen. Let's focus on protecting our women. Condoms break, creepy exes poke holes etc..No one should be forced. A women has a right to her body and her life goals, go worry about your own.

  • Because its our body.

    The people that are saying women shouldn't get abortions are the same people saying they don't want to put money into more welfare or social programs. If a woman isn't ready to have a kid and she's forced to, what do you think is going to happen....? She will get on welfare. A woman getting an abortion does not affect the next person whatsoever. Mind your business!

  • They should be.

    Let's face it. There are all kinds of reasons why one may need an abortion (using gender neutral language here because it doesn't just affect women.) Be it not being financially prepared, someone making a mistake (they happen and people should not be punished for it), the birth could kill the pregnant person during labor, or in the unfortunate case of a sexual assault.

    Let's face it, it's not a baby. It's a fetus, and a fetus is just what it is. It's cells. It doesn't think, it's not sentient and the life of the person carrying it always comes first, no exceptions. They will be the one most affected. So, someone made a mistake? Should we really punish them by making them go through nine months of changes, pain, and then having to take care of the baby for the next twenty years or so? No, we shouldn't. Even in the case of putting the baby up for adoption, will we really force them to go through changes, and a birth that could kill them?

    Making abortion illegal won't stop people from having them done either, they will just be a lot more dangerous, more risk of infection, long term problems, and death. Do we really want to do that to someone who would have no other options otherwise?

    In the case of rape, there is no point in saying "but it isn't the baby's fault, it deserves to live." Do you really want to force someone who's had a traumatic experience like that to go through even more trauma and to further have their life ruined? Let's face it, that's the last thing a victim would want; to be shamed into carrying their attacker's baby, not to mention in some states, rapists are allowed visitation rights because of what they've done.

    Why would someone trample all over the rights of the person carrying just for the sake of some non-sentient cells? Most of them don't even care once it's born.

    Abortion should be safe, legal, and permitted under all circumstances. That's my stance and I'm sticking to it.

  • It should be a woman's choice to carry her pregnancy to term, because it is her body.

    An abortion is a simple, safe, medical procedure. Just as with any other medical procedure, the decision should be made between the patient and the doctor. There is no reason why anyone else should be involved in this decision, particularly the government.

    Posted by: RedJonas
  • All abortions should be permitted, because women have a legal right to get them.

    The government has no business interfering with abortion. If women want abortions, then they should be allowed to get them. The legality of a person's personal choice should never even be a consideration. All abortions, except for late-term abortions, should be permitted all the time. I do not see why abortions should be banned, as they are the result of a woman or a couple's choice. Disallowing the use of abortion forces women to give birth against their will, and that is morally wrong. An abortion is an option, and it should never be banned or discouraged by anyone legally or ethically.

    Posted by: R4yCher
  • Yes, abortions should be permitted because there are valid medical reasons to have an abortion.

    Abortions should be allowed because there are times when the life of the mother is at risk because of a pregnancy; the rights of the unborn baby should not transcend the rights of the living mother. This is especially so in cases when if the mother dies too soon, the unborn baby will be dead anyway.

    Posted by: H_Baird
  • No, Gwen Moore

    I feel that an abortion should only be a choice if a woman or child was raped, incerst was involved or for health reasons. If you do not want a child do not have sex.

  • No, because our legal system already says that killing a fetus is murder.

    We count the murder of a pregnant woman as a double homicide, therefore, acknowledging that a life was taken. Abortion ends with a dead fetus as well; you can't kill something that isn't alive to begin with! At the moment of conception, we are given the potential of life and I don't think any human should be given a right to take that away.

  • No, abortion is wrong.

    Life begins when the sperm meets the egg. Period. Any abortion at any time is therefore killing. Okay let's give some examples. Rape. Two wrongs don't make a right. Give the baby up for adoption. The mother's life is in danger. How rare is that? What mother wouldn't give their life for the child to live? Abortion is being used as birth control and the statistics prove it. For a woman to decide to kill the child because they had sex and got pregnant is wrong on so many levels, it's unbelievable in this day and age we're still having this discussion.

    Posted by: R34d3Homey
  • No, abortions should not be permitted; it is a very big crime.

    No, we should not permit any kind of abortions; life is one for all. Whether it's a boy or girl, everyone has the right to live in the society, and nobody in the society can judge who should live and who shouldn't by aborting infant lives who has not even started breathing in their mother's womb. I strictly oppose abortions.

    Posted by: expiredxsoul
  • I oppose the legalization of Abortion because it is murder. Taking human is wrong and that's what abortion does it takes human life.

    According to the Bible abortion is wrong because it takes human life. As science progresses it continues to discover and prove that the blobs that we are aborting are not blobs but babies in the process of development. In Jeremiah 1:5, God said to Jeremiah, "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations." How many presidents, corporate leaders, doctors, scientists, and world changers have we eliminated before they could even be born. God created life and He sets the rules. The first rule came from the ten commandments, Thou Shall Not Kill.

    Posted by: TasticBran
  • An unwanted pregnancy by one may be answered prayer for another regardless of how the child was conceived.

    Life begins at the moment of conception. It is wrong on so many levels to destroy a fetus at any time during the gestation period for any reason. Rape and incest pregnancies are horrible and I understand the rejection of the child growing inside but that child didn't ask to be born and has every right to be born and be loved by someone. There are people who are willing to pay thousands and thousands of dollars to have in vitro or surrogates. Give them an unwanted child and give that child the existence God ordained for it. Even in the case of deformities it is for God to decide who lives and who dies.

    Posted by: R33Just
  • It should NOT be permitted under any circumstances!!!!!

    You are messing with the life of another person. You do not have that right to take another persons life. This is something that the Lord Jesus Christ has made, and life should not be tampered with it's not right and its not your choice. I understand it's your body, but as a woman you were made to have kids and populate the world. Everything has a purpose and a plan in this world. If you did not want to have kids, then don't have sex. In the biblical days the only time a man and a woman slept together was to have a baby. That's just my opinion.

  • Murder is wrong "full stop"

    There's no getting around the truth of what is going on during an abortion, it's just plain old sick twisted muder, come on people, we're sapose to learn from our past! Nazi Germany, inslaved Africans, Native Australians, there all cases of people with power opressing/murdering those deemed less importaint or worthy of life.

  • Abortion should be illegal

    It should be illegal cause it is the same thing as murder!!! Plain and simple... There is no putting pretty paper around it and topping it with a bow. I Don't Care what the circumstances is a child is a gift from GOD!!! PERIOD!! There are alot of people now days that cannot have a child.. So they need to ease up on the adoption criteria, and expenses and let these children be adopted, rather than killed!

  • Baby humans (unborn) should NOT be killed without good reason.

    Abortion of a human baby must have a very strong reason. Baby humans (unborn) should NOT be killed without good reason (like saving the life of the mother.) It was very right for the State of Ohio to also convict Ariel Castro for the murder of unborn child(ren). It WAS murder of a human. Pre birth, pre teen, adolescent... They are all fully human.

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