Should absolute (or at least true constitutional) monarchies be restored in Europe?

Asked by: Historyisawesome
  • Sure, Absolutely so

    It would definitely restore wasted and ruined culture due to the enlightenment and revolutions. The monarchies don't have to be absolute but a constitutional monarchy will and could prevent a dictatorship. Besides you would still have personal freedoms. So many people would unite to watch their new king or queen be crowned. Also, I'd feel secure and comfortable in a strong absolute monarchy.

  • I also agree

    I mean why not, Absolute monarchies are awesome. Issues are solved a
    lot faster than they are in democracies. What the king or queen regnant
    says goes and that's final. Issue solved. Unlike voting. In a democracy this process can take too much time. Also, The only downfall is a bad monarch, But a good monarch can cause a united and prosperous kingdom.

  • Absolute power is hard to control.

    Yes, I agree it may move much faster in an absolute monarchy where one man gets to decide. A good monarch brings a prosperous kingdom but a bad monarch can bring bad changes fast too. They don't have to care about the people because people can't vote him down and he has the ultimate control over the military to haul any revolution.
    And also, Monarchy system is hard to prevent an extremist, In democracies because a more moderate candidate would be preferred instead of extreme left or extreme right. But when the revolution happens under monarchy because unhappy populous, A more extreme leader would be preferred, For example, The French revolution, When they overthrew the monarchy, The extreme left Robespierre rose to power and caused even more chaos in his terror. This is something hard to see in democracies since the people get to replace their government peacefully. Some say the only downfall is a bad monarch, Yes and that is the greatest downfall, He/she can destroy a country under his reign easily, While a president or prime minister may be impeached or be limited by the term limit.
    Lastly, No it wouldn't restore the "wasted" culture. Accept advancement and accept it as part of your life. A monarch is not what brought culture during renaissance or any other part of history, Its the artist and architects, If you want to bring back the culture, Focus on artist instead.

  • Absolute power corrupts absolutely

    Although it may move faster in an absolute monarchy there is no way to know the individual liberties are protected. Also when did the enlightenment or any of the revolutions ever destroy culture. America, France, And the U. K. Are not absolute monarchies but they still have culture. Finally The only real difference between dictators and absolute monarchs is that monarchs are born into power

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