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It is going to happen sooner or later ..

  Kids are going to have sex regardless of what sex education they teach! If students are going to have sex they might as well be taught of the different types of contraceptives for both males and females. They should know that there are free condoms at Planned Parenthood. Or maybe schools can provide them after school is over. I am 100% supported of a full and through sex education being taught. There are parents who do not teach talk to their kids about sex which is stupid. That is how your kids were made. It is just sex, it is not that big of a deal.
Kaydeezy says2013-08-19T07:05:58.367
I meant to post this on the NO side. I am sorry.
Rafe says2013-09-22T00:35:57.590
Planned parenthood gives away defective contraceptives to sell more abortions. You should check your facts before posting something.
Kaydeezy says2013-09-22T02:57:18.683
No they do not. Planned parent hood gives you a prescription and you go get it from a pharmacy. Now if you are talking about condoms, again no they do not. They give out contraception to help prevent unwanted pregnancies. How are they doing that by giving defective contraception?

Follow your own advice and check YOUR facts.
Rafe says2013-09-22T13:43:23.690
Who told you that? Planned parenthood? They do give out defective contraceptives, as their main money maker are abortions. Less abortions would hurt their bussiness.
Jingram994 says2013-09-22T15:04:24.707
Yeah, good one, Rafe. Planned Parenthood is specifically designed to do exactly what it's name says. Giving out 'defective' contraceptives in a deluded attempt to 'sell more abortions' would be completely contrary to that goal and, indeed, if they were *actually* giving out 'defective' products, they would be found out and shut down in less than a week.

With the amount of pressure they get from conservative morons and religious nuts, they would have already been shut down if there were even the slightest hint of evidence that they were *actually* doing this. Proof, or it didn't happen.
Rafe says2013-09-22T15:09:29.140
Planned parenthood defective birth control. You will find a rather large variety of sources, and I'm sure one will fit you. There are more sources than I can paste here without my comment being put for approval.
Now, let me add something. You say they truly care about reproductive health. Proof, or it did not happen.
Kaydeezy says2013-09-23T08:13:56.570
@Rafe: Again the only contraceptives Planned Parenthood gives out are condoms. Do you not you think they would be, oh I do not know, SUED AND SHUT DOWN FOR GIVING OUT FAULTY CONDOMS?!? Well guess what, they are still in business.

Again get your facts straight before you spew out any more ignorant and false facts. Because let's face it, there is enough stupidity in the world without you adding to it.
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