• Everything is art

    Everything is art, Whether you like it or not. Everything done with intention is art, As described in one of the posts, But I disagree that splatter paint is without intention. Did the pain decide to splatter on its own will? Obviously a human intended to splatter it, Therefore it's art.

    All photography is art, Regardless of how low quality or abstract it may be. Someone's intention, A press of a button is required to photograph, Therefore it's art.

    Sex is art because someone is choosing to do it aka doing it with intention. It doesn't happen spontaneously. The universe doesn't just decide to throw two people together and make them have sex. Therefore, It is art.

    It does not matter if you think some piece of art is beautiful, Attractive, Skilful, Of good quality, Or pleasant to look at. Art is not there to please. “Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable. ” - Banksy. Although even if it doesn't do any of that, It's still art.

  • Yes, Absolutely. Abstract is definitely a form of art.

    Not all "abstract" art is splatter. Abstract just means that it isn't drawn to life. Favoring the ideas and concepts in the piece over a realistic portrayal. For example, Many of the pieces by Natasha Russu. Just give her name a google and check it out, Her art is a brilliant example of what Abstract art could be. Instead of outright blocking abstract, We should instead redefine it.

  • Yes and no.

    If something can not be defined within rational limits then either it does not exist or it is everything. Over time, People tend to push the limits of the definition or ignore it completely and try to redefine the term. For instance, The word "sport". It has been so diluted that some even consider video games as playing a sport. Same thing with art. One of the classic ideals of art is that it is on purpose and never accidental. In painting, Every bit of paint was placed intentionally. Tho some abstract art follows this rule, Others like the one pictured has paint that was splattered in an unpredictable way so could have not been intentional therefore not art.

  • The abstract should not be considered a type of art.

    Abstract forms of art like splatter paint should not be considered a type of art because of the lack of skill required to create, The outcome of the art isn't appealing and is not compatible to other actual works of great artists like Da Vinchi. The abstract is not a form of art.

  • Abstract Art Assaults the Spirit

    The Art World has gone from reverence for works like the Mona Lisa to celebrating a plain white screen as a masterpiece. "Abstract" art represents the degeneration of mind and soul in the civilized world - instead of representing a tangible idea, Place, Person, Concept, Or theme, The abstract seeks to avoid all of that in favor of simply existing to be worshipped. In other words, People have gone from celebrating a golden calf to a blank screen - a symptom of the decline of Man.

    While abstract art often doesn't represent anything, It is often revered, And worshipped, By those familiar with the modern art industry - blank portraits can sell for millions of dollars at a time, And the work of a 6 year old could be passed off as the work of a famous modern-artist. Abstract Art represents nothing more than the folly of Pride in one's self over all that is sensible; Jewish Rabbinical Scholars write of the concept, “Pride is truly equivalent to idolatry. For the main root principle of idolatry consists in man’s acknowledgement of something existing in its own right apart and separate from God’s holiness, And does not involve a complete denial of God” (Tanya, Chapter 22).

    Needless to say, A significant number of fellow Jews celebrate abstract art despite claiming to be Jews - and therefore, Subject to Rabbinical and Biblical law regarding idolatry and sin, Generally speaking. It is increasingly ironic that the decline of mankind itself has put a sick, Totalitarian regime like Nazi Germany in a sensible light - they referred to "abstract art" as degenerate art. It was a very accurate portrayal, As we have fallen far since the degeneration of civilization began. Had they not blamed all Jews for the works of a very small number of false Jews, Perhaps God would have shown them mercy.

    Abstract Art, And modern art in general, Only serves to assault the spirit. Plus, Are you ever curious about what all of that money put into the industry is for? It goes into sex trafficking, Just saying.

  • No way!

    It looks like a child found some paint and threw it on a canvas. Why would anyone want a piece of crap hung up in their house. They might as well throw up on a canvas because that's what it looks like. Don't be stupid, ! ! ! ! !

  • No the epitome of stuck up people

    I like different types of arts styles from realist romantic and all of the oldies what bugs me is cubism and onward. Post modern and abstract. A child can draw like that and even better than "modern artist". Modern artist are all one trick ponies that try to make something "new" and shocking and do public stunts but the truth is that they suck and could not even paint realistic or even a proper stick figure.
    The real crime is that they are paid millions of dollars for making trash while graphic artist and cartoon artist make chump change and can barely keep doing their passion.
    You stuck up people would never accept comic artists and animation artists into your fold. They are better people than you and people actually love them more than you will ever will be. No one even knows who you people are.
    Lets hope you never meet me in a dark alley because I can make art with my fists and take your money and pay real artists.

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