• Yes, talking about things in groups helps.

    Yes, people who survive abuse should talk about their issues in groups. Groups are often helpful in making it easy for people to talk about their issues. And, on top of that, you are with people who know what you're going through or what you've gone through. It's a win-win for everyone involved.

  • Counseling to Survive

    Abuse survivors should be advised to undergo group counseling. Abuse is difficult to go through, and it takes great courage to get away from an abusive situation and stay away. A group counseling session can advise and encourage, as well as give a “safety zone” for voicing anger, fear and frustration in a non judgmental setting.

  • Case to Case

    I believe that is a case to case decision between the doctor and the patient. There is no way to say that all abuse survivors would benefit from group counseling. I believe it could be beneficial for some, but that doesn't mean it would help everyone. Patients may have personal input that could make the answer vary quite a bit.

  • No, Abuse Survivors Should Not Go to Group Therapy

    Abuse survivors should not have to go to group therapy because this therapy may lead to further trauma for the survivor. Therapy should be individualized for as long as it takes to move past the abuse issues for the survivor, because one on one counseling will give the survivor the best attentive service in moving through recovery.

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