• Yes they should

    AC/DC had to postpone their United States tour as their lead singer Brian Johnson was at a risk of going completely deaf in case he continued with the remaining dates. Brian Johnson has been advised by doctors to stop touring immediately or risk total hearing loss.In this scenario, it would be better if AC/DC find a different lead singer for future tours.

  • AC/DC isn't AC/DC without its singer

    For decades, AC/DC has been a mainstay of the entertainment industry and during that time the lead singer has been the face of the band. If he can no longer go on stage and perform then the band is dead. Maybe they should just retire with dignity instead of changing the entire sound of their band.

  • The band is what it is

    If you start swapping out members of iconic bands they are no longer the same band. The Beach Boys stopped being the Beach Boys a long time ago, despite the fact they continued to tour with replacement players. Have respect for what AC/DC has become by letting the band stand as it is.

  • Just hang it up

    No one, not even the group's biggest fans, would argue that AC/DC's appeal is based on their musical abilities. Whether the lead singer is Angus Young or Bon Scott, the appeal is in nostalgia. If the lead singer isn't someone who can provide that nostalgia to aging fans, what's the point of even seeing AC/DC?

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