Should academic performance affect the ability to play sports?

  • Yes, academic performance should affect the ability to play sports.

    Playing sports in a school is a privilege, a privilege that should not be granted if the student does not take his or her schooling seriously. If a student was not required to pay attention to their academics, then the sports team might as well become their own identity separate from the school.

  • Playing Sports Is a Reward

    Academic performance should affect the ability to play sports, especially in high school and college. High School teams spend a lot of time practicing, if a player can commit that time to a sport, then they should also commit it to their studies. In college, teams are created by those that attend the college, if they aren't performing in class, then they shouldn't be performing on the field either.

  • It depends on the situation

    If a student is at a compitaton all day and an assignment is due the next day then it's ok to give them an extra day. However if a student athlete is exempt from big or small assignment. That is where it crosses the line. Sports teach kids how to balance two or more things anyway which they need to Know how to do later in life.

  • A child should be able to participate in school sports regardless of his academic status

    Some students cant be motivated in class room settings ,however do well in sport activities. Therefore special programs should be place in order to ensure that they improve there grades instead of removing them. What if 505 of a class is not doing well academically but however is doing well in sports what do you do with those students?

  • Playing sports is an outlet for some kids who aren't doing well in school.

    Even if some kids try hard in school and get help, then still can't understand the material. I've seen kids who aren't doing well in school do better when they have an outlet they can go to, mainly sports. They feel more comfortable in school if they're doing something they can have fun at and not struggle.

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