Should actors refuse to work with Woody Allen because of the accusations of sexual abuse leveled at him by his adopted daughter?

  • He married his adopted daugher

    Enough said!!! There is no way you can tell me that he was "hand off" until she was 18. The guy is a pervy scum bag with undoubtedly a very small c@ck. Sure Mia is a wacko to the Nth degree....But he is just so creepy it is beyond words. Not to mention, as a director and writer he is an over-rated hack. Everything he writes is so unbelievable. People don't talk and act like that. If they did, they would be ignored and de-friended.

  • For each their own decision; no outside forces can prevent, nor force them to work with him.

    After so many years, the fact that
    a. Dylan's recollections are clear,
    b. Allen began an affair with the 16-18 (maybe younger) Soon Yi,
    c. Soon Yi's claim Allen was NOT a "father figure" when Moses, who did a 180 on HIS prior statements, calls him "my father", along with the other children of Farrow, does not stand up:

    To each actor, the choice is theirs. I lean toward believing the victim, and Allen's concentrated attacks on not just Mia Farrow, but also the SA, the children that refused to parrot HIS claims, the statements of the SA at the time, Judge Wilk's ruling..........All add to the disgust some individuals may feel about working for him.

  • No They Shouldn't

    False sex abuse allegations happen a lot rather people want to admit it or not. I do not believe actors should refuse to work with Woody Allen because of the accusations of sexual abuse from Dylan Farrow. This comes from awhile back and they accusations were pretty much unfounded at that time. An accusation doesn't equal guilt.

  • No, these are accusations, not proven fact.

    Woody Allen is a very talented person, and I doubt that many people would refuse to work with him professionally because of accusations against him in his personal life that are so far unproven. He was cleared of these accusations a long time ago, and while I would defend his daughter's right to speak out, there is a lot of animosity in that family that makes the accusations suspect.

  • The accusations were investigated years ago, and no evidence was found.

    They can choose to work with whoever they want, but I think it would be unfair to refuse to work with Woody Allen because of his daughters accusations. By all accounts, the accusations were fully investigated when they came to light many years ago, a judge ruled there was no case to answer, and he believed the daughter had been coached, and was making it up. I believe in the light of this, Woody Allen should be presumed innocent until proven guilty.

  • Actors should not refuse to work with Woody Allen

    It is my opinion that actors should not refuse to work with Woody Allen based solely upon the accusations of sexual abuse posed against him by his adopted daughter. These accusations may not carry much in the way of truth, or they may tell the entire truth. There is simply no way to know for sure whether or not Woody Allen is guilty of the crime he is accused of, and he should not be treated any differently until hard evidence comes to light.

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