• It's Very Racist

    People of color, Black people especially, Face systemic racism and misrepresentation in media. When white people voice animated characters of color, They are committing digital blackface, Yellowface, Or redface. These roles should be set aside for actors of the same race so we can have a more accurate portrayal. I hope that this will lead to accurate depiction in media.

  • Its a voice, Who cares

    The characters in these cartoons and stuff which require voice acting aren't even real people. However we have taken the practice of applying real human voices to them. It does not matter which human will take the place of being the voice of a fake entity. Being selective about who can voice what I think is more offensive.

  • Voice actors should be judged by their voice, Not their skin color.

    This has been going on in the industry for a long time. You don't have to be something to sound like that something. If you're voice acting then all that matters is your voice. If you're being judged by your skin color instead then that is by definition racist. Because it has nothing to do with the sounds you can make with your mouth. Black people can sound white and white people can sound black they're called impressions. There is no default sound you make based on your race to begin with. Different people/characters have different voices and not all of them fit neatly into stereotypes. Some characters are not even meant to sound how they look. If you're still picking voice actors based on race and not their voice despite all that then you are a racist.

  • TV shows should just stop throwing in token races that don't match actual demographics.

    They should have the black characters to begin with. If they want the show to be realistic and relatable in any way then it wouldn't have virtually any minorities in it. Every new show has a token gay person or couple in it now … which doesn't represent the population at all.

    They wouldn't have to be the voice for blacks in the show if someone hadn't demanded they be there in the first place. They shouldn't feel like they even have to make characters like that, But im sure they are guilted and feel they are under pressure to do so. Just can't make you guys happy one way or another.

  • The key to acting is performing a character.

    In voice over unlike live-action, The appearance of actors does not matter, But rather the voice that they have and the thing about voices is that they are not exclusive to an ethnic/racial group. Therefore, One person of an ethnic group can sound exactly like someone from another. Furthermore, A key element of acting is that actors pretend to be someone else who they are not. For example, In voice over, Young boys are often portrayed by women, Which is because of the actresses' ability to portray the character effectively and for long periods of time if the show airs for many years. In addition, This could set a bad precedent because one could say that actors cannot voice a character unless they have the same traits as the character, Such as background, Personality, Nationality, Age, Height, Hair/eye color, Etc. While obviously skin color is more significant to others in society than other biological traits like eye color, The same general argument applies. This isn't to say that these roles have to be played by white actors, As there are many great non-white actors who portray these characters well, But these actors also often voice white characters and I don't think that they shouldn't be barred from doing that just because of the color of their skin, So it would be fair to judge all actors based on their ability to act, And not what they look like in voice over. In addition, In international dubbing of animated shows, The characters are dubbed by actors of every ethnicity and no one minds because they understand that it is acting and the actors are doing their job and having every language being dubbed by an actor of a certain ethnicity would be quite difficult.

  • Actors should be cast not based on their skin color but on their ability

    Voice Acting is not like acting. It would be outrageous today if a white actor were to portray a black character on screen because it would be known as Blackface. However, With voice acting, It would be very hard to tell whether a white or black person was talking. If an actor is cast for voice acting role, Then the producers/directors must believe that he/she is capable of accurately portraying the character. Voice actors should not be judged on their skin color if they are able to grab the attention of a movie director, As it does not really make much of a difference in the end.

  • Voice Acting is different

    I am against white washing in movies.
    Like in the movie 21 mostly everyone was Asian but they changed them to white people.
    Avatar was an cartoon that did had not white people in it but they made the main cast white.
    In movies about Jesus they make them white.
    And I dislike the opposite thing happening they turn a white character black. That is a lazy cop out. Spider man added Miles Morales and they can create new characters rather than just making someone black.
    So far the only white character turned black that I like is making nick fury into Samuel L Jackson

    But Voice acting is different people just have boring plain voices and only a few people posses the talent of Voice acting. They can change thier voice and sound like a girl or a boy or an old man and add accents on they fly.
    Samurai Jack is voiced by a black man who works for many shows. Apu from the Simpsons is voiced from a talented white man who does many voices.
    Voices are sounds that have no race or face attached to them. Listen to a radio station and then go look at the actual radio people. The voice industry is open for anyone to join and is inclusive to everyone and gives them a chance to be a hero or a princess when in the real acting world it would never happen.

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