• Yes Addiction should be considered a disease

    Addiction is a chronic, often relapsing brain disease that causes compulsive drug seeking. Addiction is also a disease because when you get addicted to something you are ruining the cells in your body especially your brain and you are ruining your chances of living longer. The disease can also get you so " off " you can go to jail

  • Addiction is a Disease

    A disease is a disorder of structure or function in a human especially one that produces specific signs or symptoms or that affects a specific location and is not simply a direct result of physical injury. Addiction is the constant use of a substance due to the pleasure it sends a person. By being addicted to alcohol can physically and mentally harm a person causing severe medical problems. Diseases are considered medical problems just like how addiction show be considered one too.

  • Addiction is when someone/someone's body relies on something to function normally.

    Whether a person is addicted to a drug or a daily habit that will be done with out thinking they will still rely on that to function properly. A disease isn't controlled but happens and you cant do much about it except try to follow the steps to help cure is or reduce it. When someone is addicted to alcohol for example they cant just stop they have to takes the steps to help them quit drinking. You cant just stop addiction just like you cant stop a disease.

  • Yes, addiction is a disease.

    The definition of a disease is a particular quality, and habit affecting a person or group of people. An addiction can afflict self harm on a person if they were doing drugs. Drugs can cause a human being to become addictive and cause mental problems along with physical problems as well. Addiction is a lot like a heart disease. If the heart disease is treated successfully then you will become better, but if you leave it untreated then the effects of the heart disease can affect you for a lifetime.

  • Addiction is a disease.

    I believe that addiction is a disease. Based on the fact that the definition of a disease is " a medical condition associated with specific symptoms and signs. It may be caused by factors originally from an external source." Another definition "a particular quality, habit, or disposition regarded as adversely affecting a person or group of people." Also the fact that addictive tendencies are often passed down though families shows it is a disease. If addiction is labeled as a disease then we could start focusing on more prevention methods and cures for this disease that affects so many people.

  • Yes of course

    It stops people from enjoying their normal lives, it kills them by causing more diseases, and it targets receptors in the brain just like a mental disease. Being addicted to video games, internet, and reading can be considered a cold (depending on how bad you are) but cocaine and alcohol which stops you from pretty much living is like a bad flu.

  • More Than Just An Addiction

    Addiction can be much more than a psychological issue for most people that come in contact with it. There comes a turning point where there is a dependence, a physical, and emotional dependence on whatever substance these people are addicted to. Your body becomes used to this, and decides that it needs it to function properly from there on out. I believe that after a point, where someone becomes dependant, that addiction is a disease.

  • Yes, addiction should be considered a disease.

    Whether addiction transforms into chemical dependency or behavioral I believe it starts out mental. If we view addiction as a disease we can learn and explore common triggers and triggers specific individuals. There are many people that display addictive tendencies before it becomes a serious problem. We can head it off early.

  • Addiction can be a disease

    Not all addiction is a disease. Heroin addiction is definitely a disease, that need to be treated by a doctor. Things like marijuana and alcohol are a mental addiction and should be treated as a psychological disorder. It really depends on the addiction, as to whether it's a disease. Extreme shopping is a disorder, not a disease.

  • I think that addiction is a disease.

    While I believe it can be stopped and that people can make the choice not to drink, once you have consumed that drink or that drug, you can become addicted. It does run in the family and it can cause problems which would create a lifetime illness so to speak.

  • Statistically a big NO !

    Addiction is a destructive however common part of life. The majority outgrow in their 30s without any treatment or self help cults, in fact the people who do not "adopt" the "disease" notion do better at recovery then those that do, the later believing themselves to be powerless for life and good customers for those in the business. There's other good resourced evidence that since all this "disease" nonsense started the number of addicts have at least doubled but I can't be arsed to look it up and nobody seems to want to know the truth, sorry. Anyway for those that want a peep into the future check this out . . . .

  • Addiction is a psychological behavior, not a disease

    A disease would be something around the lines of AIDS, cancer, or diabetes; addiction is neither of these. Addiction is a form of habit which is being used in order to cope with something else in life, consciously or subconsciously. Smoking can be addictive, video games can be addictive, alcohol can be addictive, and shopping can be addictive; addiction is a very subjective thing.

  • No, addiction is not a disease.

    An addiction is like a desire to do something over and over again. A hobby is a form of an addiction, as is anything we do constantly because we enjoy it. We might want to consider it a disease when that desire involves something harmful to ourselves, but that is simply the case that we have not chosen a healthy object to be addicted to. A person can change a bad habit with a good one and so have a healthy addiction. I believe when we label addiction as a disease we allow people to think that it is something they have no control over and gives them a false sense of being a victim, as if their addiction is not their fault.

  • No, addiction should not be considered a disease.

    Disease is defined as a medical condition; specific disorder; problem in society. Addiction can be considered a disorder but it is often not that case. Addiction sometimes is the result of a substance being available, if a person was never introduced to a substance, how could he become addicted? I think addiction is merely a product that is not predictable. Addiction in my opinion can be managed. In what means is debatable since not everyone is the same. Still I do not believe it should be considered a disease.

  • It is not a disease

    Because it is a disease its a disease because its just a disease. Diseases are real disease and addiction is not a disease and its not a disease because its not a real disease ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  • Addiction can be a matter of willpower

    Through personal knowledge from many family members, I have come to believe that addiction, while powerful, is something that can happen easily to certain personality types. Likewise, some personality types are more resistant to addiction. I would say, like many other addicts who have gone "cold turkey", that addiction is a challenge that can be overcame by will, and it's completely up to the person.

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