• Yes, What a Game

    Addison Russell should absolutely be Mr. October for this year. I am not a huge baseball fan but that World Series Game 7 was fantastic! The Cubs were long overdue this win. Addison helped his team win, in addition to busting out his sweet dance moves in the dugout. The guy has tons of charisma.

  • He is a superstar!

    Addison Russel has been one of the most underrated players this year. In the postseason, he proved to be amazing, and I am not sure the Cubs could have done what they did without him. That's not to say that he is the only reason that they won, just that he was a major part.

  • Yes, Addison Russell should be this year's Mr. October.

    Addison Russell played a valuable hand in leading the Chicago Cubs to their first World Series victory in over one hundred years. He is exceedingly young--only 22 years old--and charismatic, athletic, limber, and talented. People can't help but be impressed by someone so young, so friendly, and so naturally good at baseball. For those reasons, Russell would make a great Mr. October.

  • Yes, I think so.

    In Russell, the Cubs have a dangerous postseason hitter who’s already put up 19 homers and 88 RBIs this year. Remember, Russell missed last year’s National League Championship Series with a strained hamstring. Not that one rookie’s presence alone would have beaten the New York Mets and their power pitching and reversed a four-game sweep, but any talk about the lineup’s year-over-year improvement will have to include Russell’s emergence. Russell is now 8-for-18 (.444) with 23 RBIs in bases-loaded situations this year, helping the Cubs chop their magic number to clinch the division down to 15.

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