Should admission into college be so heavily based on test scores?

  • Scores aren't everything

    Admission into college shouldn't be based heavily on test scores because some students are bad test takers, it creates anxiety, taking the SAT/ACT is also a long process, having to sit down with maybe one break, having to concentrate on the test for so long. We are focused on getting a good score so we can get into the colleges we want, we fry our brains during this process.

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  • The test scores used are standardized.

    Until the Common Core gets rolled out in every state, standardized testing is the ONLY way to compare apples to apples when looking at student applications. A kid from New York who took advanced math, for example, has a far greater likelihood of having mastery of the subject than a kid who took advanced math in a state like Mississippi with far lower educational standards and poorer performing schools. The SAT and ACT are levelers- a way to immediately cut all students that would likely not be ready for a college education.

    Once the pool is winnowed down, then the rest of the student's record comes into play. But those tests are necessary to get that narrowing from the tens of thousands of applications most schools receive to the far smaller number they can actually accept.

  • A test is a test is a test.

    Tests test things. You don't want untested students in your college, just in the same way you don't want untested vegetables in your pantry. While tests are vital, they are not the only thing that determines success- but its the most reliable way overall and should take precedence over less reliable methods of validation.

  • Yes it definitely should.

    Top colleges get hundreds of thousands of applications a year. How are they supposed to look through all of that? Scores allow them to dump thousands of candidates quickly, then select from students within their range. Regardless of how you feel about it, the SAT's are one of the best indicators for how you will do in college.

  • Students should have the right to learn.

    If you have the money why not get some education? All over the world people are judged by there test scores. If you don't do well in high school there is little chance of making it to college which means less education and no job. Students should have the right to learn.

  • Scores Mean Everything

    Admission into college should be based on test scores. If a child has bad test scores then that child is not prepared for his/her future. That child will be used to having the bad test scores but when he/she gets in college it does not go that way. That child will not be allowed to stay in the college that they are in.Admission into college should be based on test scores.

  • Tests do not determine success

    Standardized tests, such as the SAT and ACT, should not have such a strong pull on college acceptance. Many very successful students are denied acceptance because their test scores are below the school's "required" number. The student's grades, GPA, and activities that are pursued while in high school to prepare for their future major should weigh more heavily than a single test score. Yes the test is standardized to allow colleges to find the best of the best students, but the college is also hindering themselves by denying many bright students acceptance over a single test. One test score cannot provide a better look at the students possible success than their overall high school grades and GPA.

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