Should adopted children be allowed to seek their biological parents without consent?

  • Adopted children should be allowed to contact their biological parents.

    The adopted children have the right to know who their biological parents are, and they should keep in touch with their biological parents because they need their birth parents with them during they are growing up. Some adopter parents don't want to tell the children who their birth parents really are, but I think the children should be given the option whether they want to know their birth parents are. Moreover, the adopted children have blood relationship with their real parents, they are families anyway.

  • Everyone has a right to know who their mother is.

    The process of childbirth makes it very certain who a child's mother is. No child should be deprived of knowing who brought them into the world. It is wrong to coerce women to give away their children and there should be a law against it. Only children who are orphans should be adopted, and these children would still have a right to know who brought them into the world. If the shameful treatment of mothers would end, there would not be the pressure to take a child from the mom and sell it to a family that is headed by a male. This human invention is totally unnatural when comparing how mammal mothers raise their children.

  • How selfish are you people that you try and take credit for our kids

    A mother is lied to and told in many cases this is the best for them and the baby. How dare you guys bash on the mothers that gave life so you can have a baby out of lies.Then you cause more lies and pain cause you want to try and hide the truth about the adoption.I very much loved my son and think about him every min of the day and was told i have an open adoption with him but guess what the people you give the honor to raise your kids can lie to them and hide facts so they wont be hurt. Come on can you even be hurt as deeply as a birth mother when she has to face the fact that she cant see her sweet baby.We gave you the honor to raise our kids and keep in mind it was forced on us laws need to change to help honor the mother and kids involved nothing needs to be hidden.

  • God given right

    All children have the rights to this information, if you didn't want the baby maybe you should of used birth control.

    That's right there's a word of this is philosophy called consequentialism

    As a mother you have responsibilities to the situation

    Own it, you created the child ,


  • Yes, adopted children have the right to seek their biological parents without the permission of the adoptive parent.

    CPS and their sloppy investigations has caused many families to be broken up... this gives us a chance at reunification that CPS didn't give my family. United We Stand to end Clinton's genocide efforts against the poor. The Constitution was supposed to protect its citizens from nightmarish government abuse...I still find it hard to believe that title IV funding was more important than really helping families keep the kids safe.Let NO MAN take what GOD has put together! Evil lives within Child Protective Services..... see " Innocence Destroyed" on You-tube,Senator Scheafer and CPS plus "Lawless America" the Will find me there...I hope my babies do too. also see "Failed to death" a Denver Post series.More Kids die in the states care than in their own parents home...we don't need CPS... we need family!

  • The choice is theirs

    Everybody has a choice on if they want to go looking for their biological parents. Some people do go and they end up having a friendship with them, but some go and it ends up ruining their lives.
    When a child comes of age (17-18+) the child should be given the option of whether or not they want to know their real (biological) parents. It should be their choice. Would any of you be able to fully live happily knowing that your bio parents are out there somewhere, and you know nothing about them? Whether or not a reunion happens or goes well, every adoptee has a moral - if not legal - right to know their own biological-medical-cultural heritage, to have access to valid legal identification and to have opportunities to develop relationships with biological kin. An adopted child is often haunted by where he came from and why he was "abandoned" by his natural parents. He doesn't need anyone's permission to find these things out anymore than you or I need permission to find out who our ancestors were. Every person has a right, even a need, to know who he really is and what and who he came from so he can have closure.
    When a birth mother gives a baby up for adoption, she moves on, and later on that mom may marry and have children. If the child she gave up for adoption comes back, he/she may disrupt the mother’s life. This is just one to the things that might happen to many adopted kids if they do decide to find their biological parents. I know that a lot of biological parents gave their children up for a reason and it was their choice. I can imagine a situation in which a child given to adoption might want to harm his biological parents for abandoning him. I think if a mother does not wish to be found, the child ought to respect this wish. As children, they may not understand what their biological parents might be like and their biological parents may once again reject them.
    There are two sides to every argument. Neither one is right… and neither one is wrong. Everyone has their own choice on what they choose, and in this case I choose that adopted children should have access to their biological parents, if they choose when they turn 18. As I stated earlier I won’t go looking for my father and nobody objects to that. There are other kids though that will go looking for their parents… and I believe that nobody should object to that either. It’s their choice… would your parents have stopped you?

  • Wake up America! This is a civil rights issue! Adult adoptees have every right to medical and heritage info, and to meet their Biological Parents!

    Many Natural mothers from the Baby Scoop Era (1940-1975) were forced to relinquish. Mothers were housed in Maternity Homes like inmates. They were denied anesthetic at birth. Drs and nurses abused them. Many had their babies taken from them sight unseen. These babies were promoted to adopters as "womb wet." They were sold for profit. If you were born during this period, chances are your adoption was forced. Don't wait, your Birth Mother is aging. If she needs convincing, be patient. She's been through hell. Her parents may have signed away their own grandchildren.

    This is my story. My mother gave me one choice. Then she dragged me to Children's Home Society. They were very kind, until they helped themselves to my baby. They paid an abortionist to kidnapped her and hide her in foster care. If I didn't sign she would remain in there until no one wanted her. If I went to authorities I would be arrested for abandonment. I signed and held my daughter for 5 minutes. I burned her image into my brain. It was the only picture I had for 37 years. I didn't keep the secret as instructed by the agency. For 37 years I buried the pain so I could survive. Then I met another Natural Mother who told me to prepare. I prayed for reunion and waited another decade. My wish came true April 12th 2014. She is now 38, I am 55. I have three amazing grandchildren. CHS didn't make it easy. Her Adoptive parent has always been against reunion, and guilt tripped my daughter for years. That woman believes her baby was put in my womb for her to raise it. What a crock! God doesn't make mistakes like that. My mother told me losing my daughter was punishment. Being single and pregnant isn't a criminal offense.

    All adoptees have the right to know who their origins. Period! I have loved my daughter from the moment of conception. Sorry Adoptive parents, being forced to sign my rights away never changed that. Who must be grateful to parents for providing them with basic needs? Only an adoptee. Natural moms are no different than other moms. Anything can happen to either one. Job loss, divorce, death, addiction. It works both ways. I didn't do anything to deserve losing my baby. I didn't abuse anyone. I wasn't a criminal. I wasn't addicted. I wasn't incapable of being her Mother. All I needed was my family to temporarily help. Adoption is permanent. I will never get back what I lost. The grief is overwhelming. But I know my daughter is safe. We are family! She has my unconditional love, along with more history than she can fathom.

    Adult Adoptees! Petition the courts for your info. I pray your mother signed consent to contact. We Natural Mothers are fighting to give you what is rightfully yours.

    Please go easy on your Mothers. Both Adoptive and Natural. They both love you. Signed- Just another Mom!

  • Information is key

    As much as we would like to say there is no reasons beyond emotional to seek out a birthparent, people have reasons - for instance medical histories. I have walked into doctors offices my whole life & had to fill out forms that contain questions I have no answers to.

  • Consent from whom?

    Are we talking about minors getting consent from their legal parent, or are we talking about *adults* needing consent from another adult to make their own choices? An adopted *adult* needs nobody's consent, and should have the same right to aquire their birth certificate and other information that *any other adult* has. Adopted children, do not stay children.

  • Original Birth Certificates for adoptees or no one else gets one either. Period.

    First of all children do not search. Adults search, and it is their constitutional right to do so. Searching for family that has been deliberately hidden from adoptees is no one's business, other than the adoptee and his/her family of origin. No government or outsider has the right to tell someone else who they may or may not associate with.

  • Be grateful

    It just drives me crazy when I see kids trying to find their 'real' families. You already have a family, the family that took you in and raised you as their own. Why would you want to find the family that gave you away! Even if they gave you away to give you a better life, adoption means you give the kid away FOREVER! IT's NOT A DEAL WHERE YOU GIVE SOMEONE YOUR KID TO RAISE FOR THE FIRST 16 YEARS OF THEIR LIVES! Adopted brats need to be more appreciative. (I realize there are other circumstances, but I'm referring to the ideal family setting.)

  • Biological sperm and egg donor could be criminals

    While I can understand the desire of an adopted child (minor or adult) to want to know the bio's, I don't think this should ever happen, especially in the case where the bio's have criminal records. The bio's signed away their rights to the child for a reason, let's just leave it that way. The adopted parents (who, by the way, ARE the REAL parents) adopted that child to love and support for a lifetime. The adopted child should get down on his knees and THANK GOD who intervened on the child's behalf and provided warm, stable, loving parents, and I for one (who is an adopted parent, a REAL parent, btw) would be insulted if my kid told me he wanted to seek his bio parent. To call the bio anything more than a sperm/egg donor is a gross overstatement. Adopted kid, stop being so damn selfish for once in your life and think about someone else rather than yourself!! Think about the danger you are putting your whole REAL family in by introducing these bio donor criminals (people who DIDN'T want you btw) into everyone's lives. Leave the situation alone and THANK GOD your REAL parents love you and haven't kicked you to the curb for your selfishness!

  • Invasion of privacy

    Its the law... Just the simple truth. If I dont want to know my adopted child then I dont want to. Its my choice. If I knew that I was giving up a child only to come seek me and remind me that I left a child back then I'd be more inclined to abortion.

  • No

    It's a can of worms that rarely has a happy Hollywood ending. I find kids who are adopted that want to find their biological parents rather selfish. "But I need to know!" Know what? "That your the product of rape, incest, druggies" Awesome, be proud knowing that. Hey, write that on your Facebook wall! You needed to know! And maybe if you're lucky your biological parents will seize the opportunity to mooch off your adopted parents -- all because you "needed to know." Be grateful that you were adopted and love the family you have. In most cases of adoption the grass is not greener.

  • I strongly agree they should not be able to seek their bio parents without consent.

    Parents do not adopt their children for the biological parent to come back into their life. They made the decision that they did not want to be responsible for their upbringing. I think less people would adopt if they knew that the biological parent would come in and be a large part in their child's life.

  • They may be causing undue pain.

    Some birth parents give their children up because they feel they are too young or they can't afford a child. However, some birth parents have darker reasons. Maybe the child was a product of rape or incest. Maybe the parent hated children but was against abortion. Maybe the parent wanted to abort but was forced into adoption. Could you imagine the pain a birth parent would go through, if the child was a product of rape or incest, having to relive their trauma? Could you imagine finally finding your birth parents just to learn that they hate you, or that they never wanted you, or that they tried to abort you? Adopted children should be happy for their adoptive parents who love them and not try to open a can of worms.

  • Birth mothers need the privacy they were promised

    When a birh mother gives a baby up for adoption, she moves on, and later on that mom may marry and have children. If the child she gave up for adoption comes back, he/she may disrupt the mther's life. This happened to a friend of mine. The child she gave up for adoption showed up one day, and it caused problems, my friend is now divorced and wishes the child had never contacted her. Unless you want to see more abortiions, they need to make adoption laws so that a mother can choose never to hear from the child she gave up.

    And think about women who are raped and give the baby up for adoption. That child should not be allowed to contact the mother later on, it would be too painful

    Posted by: Lc
  • The child has no idea what they might be getting into by discovering this information.

    In the case of medical emergency, maybe a child should be able to locate their birth parents. But, otherwise, it is the right of the parents to remain unknown to the child. As hard as it might be for someone to go through life never knowing their parents, it may actually be harder when they do find out.

    Posted by: MarsBIue
  • It's a breech of contract and discourages adoption.

    Closed adoptions allow women to choose adoption (perhaps over abortion) without living the rest of their lives in fear that something private could be shared with the world. A recent Dear Prudence letter on shows what can happen if the adopted child finds the birth mother. In this case the child threatened to contact the rest of the family, extended family and tell them. Women are entitled to confidentiality, especially if it was promised to them. If this changes, then women should be warned of this risk before choosing adoption. I understand the children's desire, but they should not disrupt the lives of someone who was promised privacy. Maybe this isn't fair to their needs and feelings, but life isn't perfectly fair.

  • The Birth Parents Could be a Bad Influence

    A relationship with a birth parent could be a bad influence for a child because the birth parent could be addicted to drugs or alcohol, a criminal, or severely mentally unstable. The child may not consider these possibilities because they are too young. They should wait until they are adults to contact their birth parents because they will be more mature and more able to handle whatever kind of birth parents they discover. Adopted children may contact their birth parents for the wrong reasons as well. They may decide to contact their birth parents for immature reasons such as contacting them to complain about the adoptive parents because they set a 10 pm curfew for the child, which makes the child angry.

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Anonymous says2013-05-07T20:02:08.917
Adpoted children should be able to se biological parents
Destinyclifton99 says2014-04-21T01:26:43.777
Yes I am adopted and I think we have a right to know who are parents are it's like hiding a drug addiction most kids that are adopted or are foster cared not knowing there parents end up in jail with a drug addiction and may other things you caint hide them forever you will half to one day let go there are certain circumstances some times parents can get orders so there kids won't come to find them because they would rather there kid not see them the way they are and some when they turn 18 go and live with there parent a mother shoul have the right to see the child she carried no matter what I don't have kids but I would not be able to handle that and it is the child's decision to see there parent with out permission they also have to understand the consequences but it is normal for a kid in that situation to do that