• Yes, when they are 18 or older.

    I think all adopted children should have access to their birth records. I think they should be a minimum of 18, and have had some counseling first though to help them manage their expectations from what they find out. I think every child deserves the right to know what their genetic background is.

  • Yes, they have every right.

    Every adopted child should have access to their birth records when they reach 18. Everyone wants and needs to know who their parents are. No one has the right to deny that information, regardless of the circumstances. Adopted children also need to know what health issues their biological parents had, if any.

  • Yes, adopted children should have access to their birth records.

    Adopted children should absolutely have a right to their birth records. IMO, it is their right to know and explore their natural heritage, and/or any medical history that may be prevalent. Moreover, it is their right and prerogative to contact the birth parents or not. Adoptive children should have access to this vital information.

  • Yes They Should

    I believe adopted children should have access to their birth records at the age of 18. I think adoption is a great thing and 18 years after the fact I believe a person who lets a child go should expect to be able to answer the tough questions involved with their decision.

  • Certainly, it's their right.

    Why shouldn't adopted people be able to find out about their birth records like everyone else? They have a right to know about their own life, and to deny them this is fundamentally wrong. Not to mention unfair on the person who wishes to know.
    All adopted people should know that they're adopted from an early age, and be able to confront their past, and their birth parents if they so desire.

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