Should Adrian Peterson have lost his Castrol endorsment due to child abuse charges?

  • Putting a face to sell the product means putting what you stand for behind that product; your likeness and persona is selling the product...

    I think it sends a positive message about endorsements. If you are endorsing a product and being used as a figurehead of what a company stands for your personal life follows you into your public role. By losing the endorsement, there would have been a clear message that the character of who a person is matters in whether they are backed and abusing a child is never excusable.

  • The only way to discipline an arrogant man is to take away things he cares about. Much like disciplining a CHILD.

    How do you PROPERLY punish a child for misbehavior. If you're a caveman like Peterson, you resort to abuse and physical punishment that doesn't work and causes children to develop aggression problems (yes even spanking). A sane parent does what sane rational people do, they cut off the kid from his video games. Or his bike. Or his computer. Or his basketball. Now note that this is punishment and not discipline. Discipline is teaches what TO DO next time, punishment is a reasonable consequence for poor behavior (hitting your kid is never reasonable, ever).

    So what does Peterson value? What does he respect? Football and money. Those are the only things that do matter to him. Clearly his children do not. So you take away what matters to him most. It's a statement of "behavior like this is SO unacceptable that you have lost your right to the thing you care about most for such and such amount of time. Perhaps until your son's WOUNDS heal" When a ten year old breaks your thing, you take away his thing. Simple. He won't be breaking things much longer, he doesn't like the result (while at the same time maintaining his dignity and humanity, which spanking and abuse do not).
    This is no different than any other consequence for bad behavior. If I hit my boss, I'd be fired AND jailed. If you came to my house and broke a window, you'd pay a fine. If I said nasty shameful things to my husband, he'd deny me affection, and so too would I. Someone would take away something you care about, something that matters to you, be it money, time, whatever. This is how the world is supposed to work.

  • Yes, he should have!

    I feel that Adrian Peterson definitely should have lost his Castrol endorsement. I would not want someone accused of child abuse being the face of my brand. Even if he is found innocent people will always question it and think he did something wrong. I would just remove him now before anyone starts to boycott.

  • Adrian Peterson Has To Lose His Castrol Endorsement

    I think, yes, Adrian Peterson has to lose his Castrol endorsement. His child abuse charges and the suspension from NFL are pretty serious reasons for that. Further Peterson`s deed does impact negatively Castrol reputation. A global company as Castrol can't tolerate behaviour like that and should not continue its cooperation with the player.

  • Yes. I believe he should have lost his Castrol endorsment due to the child abuse charges.

    When a famous person is endorsing a product, they are being paid to put that product in a positive light. If they are getting bad press and being convicted of a crime, it doesn't make anyone want to buy a product that he is endorsing. Endorsement deals come to famous people who are looked up to and not ones potentially going to jail.

  • No, he is not a child abuser

    Castrol pick and choose when they use and drop people. Adrian as quoted said "i am not a perfect parent, but I am, without a doubt, not a child abuser."
    It never dropped its deal with basketball star Kobe Bryant when he was charged with sexual assault, charges that were eventually dropped. It also stayed with Tiger Woods, the star golfer who admitted to marital infidelity, when many other sponsors dropped him.

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debate_power says2014-09-18T00:02:12.780
This man accounts for the most popular stories on Google News? Who can save our society from its imminent destruction through ignorance? Definitely not Adrian P.