Should Adrian Peterson still be paid his salary of $691,176.50 a week after being suspended indefinitely by the NFL for child abuse charges?

  • Yes. I believe he should still get paid

    Even if he gets suspended from the NFL, his case has not gone to trial and he therefore legally has done nothing wrong until he is convicted. It is the NFL's discretion to suspend Adrian Peterson but I believe he should still get paid until he is prooven guilty of his crime.

  • Not full wages

    I understand there is a contract and he would be paid if he was injured or something, but he was suspended for a choice he made due to he is under contract I would agree he deserves 25% of his pay. His pay is for doing a job being suspended he isn't doing that job therefore should be getting paid to not perform

  • They need morality clauses.

    No, Adrian Peterson should not be paid his salary a week after being suspended by the NFL for child abuse charges, because their contracts should have morality clauses in them. If the players break the law and/or hurt other people, or otherwise damage the reputation of the NFL, in good conscience the NFL should not have to pay them.

  • No Salary for Adrian Peterson Due to Child Abuse Charges

    I think that Adrian Peterson doesn`t deserve to receive salary due to his suspension for child abuse charges. Adrian Peterson`s case, as reported, depicts him as a very cruel man and should not be underestimated. The NFL suspension and salary cut are the right measures for the spank of his own 4-year old child.

  • No, Adrian Peterson should not be paid after being suspended for child abuse.

    Adrian Peterson committed an act of child abuse and therefore subsequently forfeit all of his rights to his pay within the violation. It is unethical for the NFL to continue to grant his pay as it may be seen as an approval of his actions. To create true separation from the acts which were committed and to provide true disapproval, the NFL should cease all payments henceforth with a public statement for the ruling on Adrian Peterson's pay.

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