• YES this is why you can use so many things for free.

    Ads are good you can use youtube, debate.Org and other free websites because of it. Ads are the reason we have t.v. Some ads are even fun to watch. Ads are also good for small and growing businesses, if we ban ads now we will only know about older bigger businesses.

  • Ads are stupid

    Ads are always sneaking to find ways for you to click them. Some are fake and steal your information. Some say that you won something for free but it just wants you to type in your information. Some just constantly pop up so much it's annoying. Some are okay but just boring. Nobody likes them. Please click YES and help stop ads.

  • Because it makes me fat

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  • Ads are really annoying

    They waste people's time nobody likes them and people could get scammed and get their money wasted. People could get these ads saying "you can get these things free"but really you get scammed
    Why would people just click these ads? Plus these kids would ask for these things and then their parents money gets wasted

  • Ads should be illegal

    They distract people from work and school if they use the internet on a daily basis. They also make false claims so that people buy more of their fake product that does not work. They use psychology against us to get use to buy more scams and people lose more money. They also take advantage of the poor that way

  • <--- That guy has the wrong idea!

    First of all you cant and you wont be able to ban ads! Let them be. It's one of the mechanics to earn more money or get more people to know your stuff! There's no perfect ads tho. Some might concider your ads and some might not. So dont get pissed. Don't Take It Personal, It's Just Business

  • Think of what this will do for the economy!

    Ads are one of companies main ways of promoting their company and without ads there is little chance of small businesses growing at all and large companies have sleek chance of improving their revenue to the desired amount. This will cause inadequate things to happen to the economy and it shows little hope for aspiring business owners.

  • What kind of a question...?

    I'm really not sure why we're even talking about this. You really have to be some kind of special to think that ads should be banned. Advertisements are a way for businesses and others with products to advertise to the greater public what they have. In terms of ad-ware (i.E, internet scams), just get an ad blocker or a security app. There's an amazing thing called technology. Try it out!!!

  • Ads are free speech

    The vast majority of ads suck. That being said ads come in many forms pictures, commercials, signs, slogans, songs, samples, logos on shirts, etc. To ban them, ads would have to first be objectively defined. If I tell my friend about a burger place, I am advertising. Does that mean I would be prosecuted? This is a ridiculous idea and is impossible/immoral to implement. We will just have to keep sitting through tedious advertisements.

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