• Not Just a Number

    If I understand this correctly, then certainly, ads should plastered all over player’s jerseys. First, companies sponsor teams and should have the option of where, when and how many times they want to see their name. Otherwise, they get nothing in exchange. Without it, how in the world does anyone know Company X is supporting the community by sponsoring a team? If the advertisements are distracting, they are doing a good job. We see advertisements everywhere, stapled to trees, in the air, on television and radio, on games played on the internet, posted on front lawns and throughout every block of every city. It is distracting to see posters, flickering lights, and 20 signs from every direction while driving. The advertisements on jerseys is not dangerous, the advertisements while driving are. Maybe we need to figure out what issue causes more harm instead of arguing that we cannot see a player's name while on the field.

  • If the organization desires

    I'm glad to not see ads on jerseys in the sports I follow, but if an organization wants to do it, I see no reason they shouldn't be allowed. It does look hideous in just about every situation but if it's a justified source of revenue to somebody it's their right to utilize it.

  • No, ads should not be on jerseys

    If one is expected to wear a uniform the uniform should promote the company, or in this case organization, which is requiring them to wear it. When fans go to see their favorite players play they go for support of that team or a specific player for that team. They don't want to see their favorite player's jersey defiled by some ad for some product. When you attend a professional sporting event the arena is full of advertisements, there is no need for putting them on jerseys.

  • There Shouldn't Be Ads On Jerseys

    Placing ads on jerseys is excessive in my opinion. When you watch a sport there is already adds everywhere around the stadium. Placing them on jersey will be too much and look tacky. The only ads on jerseys should be the official emblem from the specific sport they are playing in.

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