• Yes, it should

    It is up to the doctor and the patient,but I think that people take it too far. If you break your nose and can't breathe, plastic surgery is your only option. The people who look like Barbie dolls should be stopped and the people who do the surgeries should have their privileges taken away.

  • It's a consumer choice.

    Of course they should be allowed. Plastic surgery is not the same thing as life saving surgery. It's not covered by insurance, even. It's completely elective, a consumer choice. Because of that, the doctors who do it should be allowed to advertise their services. Any restrictions on such advertising should be tossed.

  • Yes, ads for plastic surgery should be allowed.

    I think that ads for plastic surgery should be allowed. I do not see anything wrong with them. As long as the ads do not have anything to overtly graphic then they should be allowed to be show in commercials and promoted. I think that they are a business just like everything else.

  • Yes, Plastic Surgery is a Choice and Its a Free Country

    Yes, the first and only response to the question of allowing ad for anything that is not overly profane or explicit if yes. Plastic surgery is a choice and no one is forced into having it against their will.If we begin not allowing people to express how they want to view their own body images,we will open a world of stopping of free speech.

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