Should adultery be considered as a very serious crime ?

Asked by: stephannoi
  • Make it as criminal offense

    Adultery is immoral and unethical to the society.I agree that it should be illegal.Ofcourse you have right to divorce,but in case of adultery it's the opposite.A partner who commit adultery most likely to cheat on their own love partner and abuse them.It's not only a normal divorce.And it can affected all.

  • Yes,it should be

    Adultery should be considered as a crime because it can cause seriously harm among inside family environment especially it affected children very strong. Also adultery often related to domestic violence and abuse of marital partner.I mean if you don't want to get married then please decide if before but don't cheat.

  • Yes.It hurts many innocent people

    In some countries you don't get a harsh punishment for adultery such as it is only considered as misdemeanor(fines).But in my opinion adultery is a very serious crime because it cause great suffer and pain between family member.If you don't want to married then just don't married but don't cheat on your partnership.

  • It may be an ethical issue, but should never be considered a crime

    Yes, it may be harmful to the other individual in the standing relationship and there may be a precedent for not cheating in standard relationships, but how couples deal with it is not universal. Yes, it may probably cause pain, but law should not decide lawful ethical behavior based on feelings. That would be like making insulting or cursing at another person illegal. It might hurt the other person if I curse at them, but that shouldn't mean I should go to jail because of it.

  • As I am a firm believer that adultery is unethical and wrong on many levels,

    I do not believe that it should be considered a serious crime. Sure, adultery can hurt a family's dynamic as well as innocent people but do we really want our nation's tax payers to be paying jailtime for people that commited ADULTERY? We should be paying for people that commited SERIOUS crimes. Adultery is wrong, I agree. But quite honestly, it's the spouses' problem should they should take care of that. It's not the country's responsiblity to solve marrige problems. That's the purpose of divorces, right? If your spouse commits adultery.... DIVORCE THEM. Honestly, the divorce process is much easier than going to trial for a "crime" and having hard feelings towards eachother forever. It's not good emotionally for both of them. If you don't want to go through all of this, then just don't cheat!

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