• A person has the right to decide to go.

    People with high intelligence way above the average 100 IQ are denied admission by the dumb schmucks that run the universities. Any one who believes it is ok to tell another person they are not allowed to go to college has a lower IQ than the the person they are telling they don't have a right to go to college.

  • Adults can still change their life for the better

    Everyone has a right to further their education. Why should their age matter? A college education can change someone's life. It doesn't matter if they're 18 or 58. A 58 year old could go from being a janitor at a high school to a teacher. It happens everyday. To deny anyone the right to go to college is inhumane. It is everyone's basic right to live and LEARN. Heck, a 97 year old just graduated HIGH SCHOOL. No one denied her right to education, so why should someone half her age not be able to further theirs through college? Everyone's story is different, and most adults in college are trying to improve their lives for not only them but their families.

  • Why Shouldn't They?

    I've had ton of older classmates. Like super older than me. Not only are they interesting to talk to but they are very smart. Besides, why shouldn't they want to learn more? Going back to college might really help them in the long run. It's their choice but I don't think they should be discouraged to do so

  • Education is a life long endeavor

    Everyone should get a college education. This includes older people, who worked and raised a family or just was not able to go to college sooner. Also learning is a lifelong endeavor regardless of age, sex, or ethnicity. Older people who have college education can still be employed and this helps bring in more revenues that we need to help solve the social security and Medicare issues that we currently face; in addition to this, older adults help bring a maturity to the job market and to college that often helps the community as a whole. Keeping active both physically and mentally helps all ages stay healthy and especially older people.

  • Self-Study and Proficient in Job

    According to the topic, I strongly argue the topic. I have the reason and evidence for it. Instead of going to college, they should learn by themselves if they prefer. It is a kind of wasting time. And it does make anyone to higher. I they are older adult the most important thing they should do is to be proficient in their interesting job. What I mean by this is they should not go to college. They just need to learn self-study.

  • Should implies an obligation. So are all adults obligated to go to college? No.

    While college can be beneficial to many during this tough economy by not only giving an upper hand in a competitive job market, but by giving the opportunity to enter new careers. But does everyone need this opportunity? No.
    Some people are self made business people and can be successful without college. In fact many multi million dollar companies were made by college drop outs.
    It also depends on what course you choose. Some courses just don't yield much bang for your buck, and are poor return investments like: arts, history, english majors, philosophy, religious studies, and music. Where unemployment rates can range from 9-12% (which, depending on your location, can not dramatically improve your employment)
    The better courses are engineering, computer science, business, advertising. (http://money.Cnn.Com/2013/06/12/pf/college/college-degrees/)

    The fact that colleges don't always teach courses that yield good investments show that they aren't always investing in the student's future. Some colleges treat their students like dollar signs and couldn't care less about their career opportunities. They might not even bother with career advising.

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